Rear cup holders

Discussion in 'Interior' started by prtaino, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. prtaino

    prtaino New Member

    I want to make a rear cup holder for my wagon what material should I use? If
  2. visitor

    visitor New Member

    Fiberglass wood and aluminum. Wrap in leather or paint it

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  3. prtaino

    prtaino New Member

    Will mdf work or will it get messed up with the water on the cup
  4. ImportAngels

    ImportAngels New Member

    get one that's already made, much easier
  5. joecurr

    joecurr New Member

    Honestly you can use whatever, just depends on what finish you want. Some people use wood and some use plastic (lexan, plexiglass, etc.) If you use MDF wood, and come to think of it any wood, you'll probably have to seal the wood somehow, maybe with resin. As long as it's clean and well-built, material will hardly be a factor.

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