Prefacelift W210 Sedan Build

Discussion in 'Euros' started by eurow, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. eurow

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    What's good guys? Since selling my w124 coupe, I took some time off and went back to school, got married, bought a house, you know, adult things. I've been slowly working on a prefacelift w210 sedan and just wanted to start a thread and share!

    C&C is welcome!







    So far:

    TouchPad controller
    eLevel/iLevel combo
    Dual Viair 444c
    Slam Specialties SS5 bags
    Common Wealth brackets
    3/8 line
    5 gallon tank

    Paint matched front and rear lips (Custom front and rear lips being built)
    Window gaurds
    Wrapped roof
    Facelift mirrors
    Facelift skirts
    Depo projector headlights (OE retrofit being built)
    Facelift taillights
    15% tint

    18x8.5/9.5 et29 MAE Riversides
    25mm Adaptec spacer/adapters Nanking NS20 205/40 & 215/40

    Pioneer HU with hands free calling and streaming audio
    Hertz Ultimate line speakers and components

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  2. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see how it comes out
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  3. ikadburry

    ikadburry Member

    Looks good!
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  4. eurow

    eurow New Member

    Building a new set of wheels! signal-2017-03-18-182508.jpg

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  5. BigMone

    BigMone Member

    Keep us updated !
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  6. eurow

    eurow New Member

    Sorry for the slow updates, life gets over whelming at times! I just picked up Wald Executive line front and rear lips and working on body styling. I'll have pics as I go along.

    My plan is to get the body styling how I want, move to interior, build headlights/tails/fogs/etc, and then paint. It's a long road but I'm pushing forward lol.
  7. eurow

    eurow New Member

    New wheels on!

    And then Wald Executive Line front and rear lips!

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  8. mlracing

    mlracing Member

    Haha wow that brings it down low !

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