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    Again, not claiming to be VIP, just thought I'd contribute to the growth of this amazing thread.

    Year/Make/Model (Chassis): 2009 MB E350 (W211)
    Wheel Make/Model: HRE 547R
    Size Front/Rear: 20x10
    Tire Make/Model: 20x11
    Tire Size Front/Rear: 225/35/20 (F) 245/35/20 (R)
    Suspension Type: CKS Coilovers w/ SWIFT Springs
    Camber: -2.750
    Notes: Rolled, Pulled, Shaved.

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    Carving head40s
    rebarrelled to 17x8 17x10
    falken 205/40 225/35
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    Mercedes S500 wheels size it would be correctly FRONT: 245/25/R22 REAR 285/30/R22 . Is it right or wrong.


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    Extrmeley happy there is someone else with a 7th gen sedan!
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    shameless plug: I have some tsx retrofitted 03-08 headlights for cheap if you're interested

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    Acura TSX (CL9)
    Rotiform NUE
    Specs: 18x9.5 Square ET 25
    Tires: Federal SS
    Front : Natural
    Rear : -2.7 degrees

    Front: Cut liner and rolled flat with a slight pull
    Rear : Cut liner and rolled flat
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    W210 1999

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    Year/Make/Model (Chassis): 2005 Q45 F50
    Wheel Make/Model: Rays GTR R35
    Size Front/Rear: 20X10.5 +25
    Tire Make/Model: F&R:Falken 452
    Tire Size Front/Rear: F:235/35 R:245/35
    Suspension Type: AirRex air struts
    Camber: stock
    Notes: F&R fenders rolled only. 5mm spacer on front.


    Wheel Make/Model: SSR Vienna LM-9 Moderno Stile
    Size Front/Rear: 19X9 +20 19X10.5 +20
    Tire Make/Model: F&R: Toyo T1R
    Tire Size Front/Rear: F:235/35 R:265/30
    Suspension Type: AirRex air struts
    Camber: stock
    Notes: F&R fenders rolled only. 25 mm spacer on front.


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    Here are a few pictures of my Leon Hardiritt Beil 19x11/10 +8 all around on my 2005 350Z Roadster

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    y34 m45
    -5.2 camber all around
    weds kranze lxz (concave faces)
    19x10 -7 (w/ 5mm spacers) and -2 with 225/35 nexens
    megan coils with uas
    rolled n slightly pulled fenders

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    that's so nasty =P
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    18x10 +22 225/40
    18x11 +22 235/40

    JIC Magic coilovers
    -3.5 front, -4 rear camber

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    Looks good
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