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Discussion in 'Interior' started by JN.FYC, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. JN.FYC

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    As the title sais post YOUR interior, no quoting or commenting.
    lets just keep it a thread full of pictures.
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  6. XCELMotorsports

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    nice, zion you should start doing somthing to the center arm rest. Like figure out how to put a chrome rim around the rear cup holders so they look like the garson tables ect, or even ice them out.

    I was thinkin about adding abunch of crystals on the bottom of the cup holder and a chrome rim on top, but cant find any type of chrome ring to use.
  7. opalw208

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  8. 00scotty

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    where did you get a woodgrain shiftknob i want one for my G50

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    He custom painted it! :biggthumpup:
    Send him yours and he'll do it for a fee!
  10. vzuptnguyen

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    lol. yup for free =p
  11. jaynick808

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    lol for free...:slap:

    what kind of car is the one w/ white/black interior with suede headliner and quilted stitching? cant figure it out. lol looks very similar to what i was gonna do to my seats later..til i decided i want to get a leather seatcover from garson or MP. i cant trust shops to do custom upholstery anymore. :pat:
  12. autofashionELROY

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    not exactly sure but i know it's a benz hence the amg door sills. looks real clean.
  13. jqnguyen8

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  14. RASRX7

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    in the oasis...
  15. VIPCel

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  16. jgul23

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    damn you can sleep in that while driving! haha
  17. J954sho

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    Nice color and material..Not fond of the overly loose look that they have on the seats..A tighter and firmer look would have put it over the top:shrug:
  18. inspired1

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  19. ultra vip

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    With JP leathers

    Prior to JP leathers
  20. fourcsan

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    thats a CLK

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