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Discussion in 'Interior' started by VIPStyleCars, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    I understand how diverse our views are on VIP styling for our cars as in what is VIP?  What style is it?  what parameters are involved?

    I know that some people here are very stern on their views of what VIP Styling should be, however for everyone, please do not make it personal over style, opinion, and what not.  We have a lot of members that are here to learn and we need to accept them and show them how RESPECTABLE we can be towards each other.

    Some people may feel that certain cars listed here do not belong on these forums but I feel that the VIP style can creep to other venues of automobiles.  I do not want to discriminate over car owners, everyone is welcome here whether you drive a Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Scion, BMW, or Benz, this is an open community as well as a great learning experience.

    So please, be respectful of one another.  If he doesn't like a certain idea or maybe crazy offsetted wheels? don't bash the poster, just state your opinion respectfully and nicely.  Now if someone posts against your opinion or car, don't go ballistic on them and say "I PWN YOUR MOM! CAUSE IM 1337!!!"  (ok online gaming talk lol).  Take it with a grain of salt, we can't change others opinions but we can share our own respectfully
  2. jbo

    jbo VSC Super Moderator

    Nice to be on a site that the administrator actually reads and doesnt want trouble makers on kudos!!
  3. callaghan.

    callaghan. New Member

    hell yeah bro. you the mannnn
  4. hahajoey

    hahajoey New Member

    im in it for bad ass cars with bad ass fitments..
  5. mdenoga

    mdenoga Active Member

    whats up john ;D great reminder.
  6. shawnthemonster

    shawnthemonster King Moderator

    no doubt......we all just want to be friendly and helpful, not negative and discouraging.
  7. jtanoyo1

    jtanoyo1 VSC Super Moderator

    Thanks. Makes my job a whole lot easier. :D :D :D
  8. efini_kid

    efini_kid New Member

    so would i get banned if i said, "i pwned ur mom, cuz im 1337!"

    jj, sorry guys i had to do it. its been a boring day in college station. i think respect is a huge issue, not everyone has the same tastes but no matter wut im pretty sure taht everyone on this website has a good taste.
  9. az_pinoy

    az_pinoy New Member


    *she bangs, she bangs!*

    k, i'll be respectful from now on...just havin fun with your pic Joey! LMAO

  10. Pimplux_A4

    Pimplux_A4 Guest

    ^^^ well said and i couldn't agree more. i'm the moderator on our forums at executive konnexion ( and i share you views as expressed here... mikey
  11. BrianStyles

    BrianStyles Banned

    respect goes a long way. loyalty means everything. <3

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