pissed: americans copying nissan

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by vzuptnguyen, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    americans copying nissan

    wow this just pissed me off so much.

    so im looking around for rear table trays and i stumble upon this

    its a 08 buick reviera i guess. and its rear seat styling fucking copied 90% from the nissan president f50. FUCK!!!!

    this is from the buick:

    F50 President (incase u havent seen one yet)

    someone please tell me i fucked up and missed something.a otherwise this just goes to further show that american car designers have no stlye and creativity of their own, and will always follow in the footsteps of there import rivals.
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  2. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    wow just found out more. and its a buick park ave.

    even the wood grain interior wraps in the same manner.

    next car show i go to im question the shit out them mofuckas


    i guess its chinese made. ive read that the chinese have copied a couple of toyotas car and other cars as well. they have a model 99% like the rav4
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  3. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    DUDE I think you are on to something. From the looks of it they also stole the HEADRESTS and SEATBELTS and CARGO NET COVER oh my god they stole like all the features from the F50! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? It's a fucking TABLE bentley and jag and mbz have been using them for a GRIZZOP if you think nissan made the adjustable rear table you've got be joking.
  4. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    El presidente has those tables in his Jag and his jag came out way before the PGF50 President.

    Hes right, RR and Bentley has been using tables as well for decades.
  5. KickEachVerse

    KickEachVerse New Member

    Aren't most of us Americans? Haha.
  6. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    i meant american car industries.

    and they even got the rear vanity mirrors and shit

    yea i figured, since design of the table was exact. well that one cooled me off, but the rest still remains.
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  7. Green Poupon

    Green Poupon New Member

    Listen vezoopnoogens, you can rest easy tonight knowning that orginaility in the automotive industry ended 20 years ago, everything since then has been recycled over and over again. That infiniti is just a recycled lexus which is a recycled mercedes which is a recycled vashtoopenvagen and so on and so on I dunno why but that fold forward seat makes me think of lesbians, I guess its just the most logical use of space for me :shrug:

    PS - My roommates old ass buick had rear lit vanity mirrors in the rear. NOTHING is original. At least nothing nissan makes :p

    EDIT: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1962...201643555QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item280201643555

    1962 and that mutha has tables and shiz in the rear.
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  8. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    eh sounds more rational. i get the concept your explaining.

    but the fact that buick combined all of those same itens same in a car just irks me
  9. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    And you drive an acura tl...you don't drive any car that resembles a pg50...why would this irk you? It's not like you have any motive, other than you 'think' they are copying the president. More like they decided to add fold out tables. BFD. Quit crying and get over it.
  10. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    Hehe...I love my tables. BTW...they made inferior copies. Mine are Walnut burlwood the whole way through..not just plastic with wood laminate. My model also had the option of heated reclining rear seats (still looking for some to buy for mine...they are nearly impossible to find, but I do have the rear heated seats). You'll see copying everywhere. The Japanese have been copying Europe forever..what goes around comes around. Jaguar has had rear tables since...well, these are from the 50's:
  11. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    OK, WE all have a passion for JDM stuff....cooh

    I like JDM stuff just like everyone else but dont get it twisted, we are Americans and it really isnt cool to bash our own country.

    on a side note...the interior looks good...too bad the exterior looks like ass =)
  12. OG

    OG Active Member

    and yet another rediculous post...
  13. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    dang, I just had to do a double-take!

    That interior is hella tight!! :biggthumpup:
  14. ebruce2

    ebruce2 New Member

    car companies have been copying and/or tweaking each others ideas for decades, and will continue to do so in perpetuity. There's a lot more in life to be upset about if you ask me.
  15. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    I guess the clowns on NICO who've been calling the Y33 & F50 a Japanese Buick all this time were right.

    Like others have said, rear tray tables have been in luxury cars for 50 years or more.
  16. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Yeah, those damn Americans stealing Japanese styling

    Oh, wait

  17. petener

    petener New Member

    copy here, copy there... what hell is the car business
  18. Yokotas13

    Yokotas13 Banned

    fixed it for you Em!
  19. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

  20. burgy

    burgy New Member

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. For those that hven't heard that before, that phrase has been around for centuries. Also, if you don't think Nissan doesn't do it.... Check the kouki grill on a Y33 to a Benz grill

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