Discussion in 'Interior' started by khmer1, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. khmer1

    khmer1 New Member

    hey yah iuono if i post this in the right area if not please move

    also i was wondering if any on have any vip style trunk space i saw a picture of it before but i forgot where i saw it if you have it please post a picture of it so i can get some ideas from it

    p.s the one i saw was a wood grain trunk space floor cover with cup holder and other items
  2. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    i have a trunk cargo net...would you like a shot of that?
  3. Brokenbc

    Brokenbc New Member

    cup holder in the trunk?? I'm confused as to why a person in the trunk needs a cup holder... they are in the trunk right? so then .... I must be confused.

    lol, seriously though, are you looking for stock trunks to help decide on which car to purchase or are you looking for trunks with stereos and air suspension to give you ideas of how to make your trunk look?
  4. lexusls

    lexusls New Member

    vip is yakuza styled right? so if they have someone riding in the trunk to be killed they can have a cup holder too
  5. vip tint+glass

    vip tint+glass Active Member

    woodgrain trunk, nothing special though.
  6. khmer1

    khmer1 New Member

    well i wasnt planning on putting a cup holder in my trunk but maybe put something esle useful but i did see the clear one where it shows spare tire and and what not looks nice it on here in the forum

    p.s not planning on putting a body in the trunk soo yea it works out and also yea if the trunk next is made by some nice fabric and a neat design good job yah

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