PhotoShoot 2004 KA9 RL / Legend VIP STYLE

Discussion in 'VIPstyled Cars' started by maxpowerintegra, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Here is a recent photoshoot from a team member Lou at tristatevip this past weekend. definitely better pics
    Stance! Fitment!
  2. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

    Nice pics but it still looks better in person :biggthumpup:
  3. zion_97

    zion_97 Banned

    Lovin the MP kit...I honestly think with some different wheels this car would look way better..not really feeling those wheels on the car mayng...other than that Two thumbs up for MP
  4. AcUrALiTy

    AcUrALiTy New Member

    never was a fan of cookie cutter rims but its growing on me, car looks nice! dopest RL state side IMO
  5. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    Me likey. Great job!

    I am also not a fan of the wheels but that is something that can easily be changed down the road. Enjoy your RL!
  6. phrosttz0

    phrosttz0 New Member

    very nice...
  7. //935GS400

    //935GS400 VSC Super Moderator

    that is one wiked ass acura! i love everything about it! great job! :biggthumpup:
  8. jaynick808

    jaynick808 New Member

  9. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    damn ... looks great ... nice clean set up in the trunk , to the wheels too .. looks great with that kit too !
  10. TristateViP

    TristateViP New Member

    Stop showing off Max
  11. hondaboi

    hondaboi New Member

    wow...looks nice! i like it!
  12. aristo93

    aristo93 Active Member

    One of the cleanest Acuras ive seen yet! Great build
  13. elpresidente

    elpresidente Administrator

    It is my fav. RL state side, but would be even better with better suited wheels. Those wheels are from a different era than the rest of the car. Still nice none the less though Max.
  14. Thanks! for all the support, the rims grew on me but when i first saw them online i too didnt like them as much but in person im in love with them! Next mod is to install a bbk for the front.
  15. 0psi

    0psi New Member

    Looks great Max! I am in the process of revamping mine. Hopefully it's done by next spring. I have a little bit of money left to spend on it. :(
  16. allstar

    allstar New Member

    honestly its perfect. although i could do without the window visors.
  17. nizzan4u2nv

    nizzan4u2nv Member

    Very very nice. Although, I would have went with a different style wheel. Your car is very modern style vip while the wheels are not IMO.
  18. Big Steve

    Big Steve New Member

    i like! did you get the wireless remote with your airrunner as well?
  19. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    Lovin the clean Manifold look :biggthumpup:
  20. yea, special thanks to freddie and elroy at AF.. im still waiting for my sticker from them lol.:pat:

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