photo-shoot gone wrong

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by sojah, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. sojah

    sojah Member

    was just getting a photo-shoot done and we were on our last stop when the place i wanted to pull up in front of was roped off and the parking attendant said i had to ask the hotel front desk if it was cool for us to go there. so i pulled up in front of the hotel check-in (asked the valet to just leave it where it was) and gave them the car key. i asked the valet manager who went and got the other manager who i was asking if it would be okay for us to do a quick photo shoot when i saw my car drive off.

    well apparently the spot we wanted to do a photo-shoot was reserved (even know there was no one there) so I respectfully thanked them for their time and walked back to my car that was now parked awfully close to the curb on the other side of their circle... well they tried to whisk me off but i felt like checking my other side wheels first and low and behold the back left wheel had been curbed about 3" long and was very obvious. they tried to claim that it was nothing and dust off the curb residue on my wheel. eventually my japanese wife talked to the japanese hotel manager and got them to say they would pay for repair or replacement... well lets see.
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  2. MoWGLi

    MoWGLi Member

    There are zero circumstances in which I would hand my keys to a stranger.
  3. OGcima

    OGcima Member

    +1 and even more so on a low, stanced 4 door car they wouldnt know how to "drive" such a car and treat it like a baby
  4. mlracing

    mlracing Member

    Ohh that sucks I hope they come to the party
  5. solefresh8

    solefresh8 New Member

    Damn bro I am sorry to hear that I am happy they going to pay for it . if it was me I would have went off ..

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  6. onajinohito

    onajinohito New Member

    Hope everything works out! Is there even anyone in Okinawa that would repair them??
  7. sc300jz

    sc300jz New Member

    This. I rather park it myself and pay the valet fee.
  8. sojah

    sojah Member

    yeah ^ ^ ^, i gotta get a new lip from vip modular, then a shop here will do the labor of switching out the bad lip with new lip.

    was thinking about taking this opportunity to go wider but don't feel like getting body work done plus the cost of the other lip and labor would be like $450. i already have 11" wide on a 265x30x20 and if i went with 11.5" it would definitely be a stretch to get the same 265x30x20 back on. plus i would have to get the fenders pulled that half inch most likely or at least .25" and then the rear lips would be poking by .5" at the top. for another $500 i could have camber arms put on and run another degree or two of negative camber making it like - 4.5-5 negative camber. but all this for $1000 + just seems like a hassle. my rear is already perfectly flush and tucks/clears the fender by about 1mm presently. as much as i want to go wider i sort of don't want to go through the possible troubles associated with it and just want to stay flush like presently.... hmmmm......
  9. Lextacy671

    Lextacy671 New Member

    damn that sux. on the bright least theyre paying for they say. hope all goes well.

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    sux.....hope it works out
  11. speedaddict

    speedaddict bippu cowboy

    pics of the damage? Hopefully it works out man
  12. daon3Nonly

    daon3Nonly New Member

    Ya that day sucked because our cars would of looked killer in that area. Good thing they got good shots of our cars before this. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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