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Discussion in 'Interior' started by LowKeyG, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. LowKeyG

    LowKeyG New Member

    Ive seen many member/ builds where they paint their interior including seats etc... what paint is used to do so? and if i have black leather would i be able to paint over them??
  2. bigdreams

    bigdreams New Member

    I don't know about seats, but I've seen a lot of guys on other forums using PlastiDip on interior plastic panels. You can even paint your entire car with this stuff. They just don't have a lot of colors to choose from
  3. craigsb

    craigsb New Member

    If the plastic panels are new, it's best to fire treat it (run a flame over it) there's a uv protection on it. Light sanding with a 3m green pad, then use a bulldog promotion on it then a good primer and use a flex paint and then clear..
  4. Dranom

    Dranom VSC Super Moderator

    SEM paint

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