paid Ralph Wright in full 1.5 years ago to rebuild my wheels and still nothing!!!

Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by xxjustimajinxx, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    It sucks because Ralph is a really cool guy. I knew him through a good friend who did a lot importing of parts/wheels from Japan with Ralph. He did work for me and it was perfect about 2 years ago. At the time I was local in Southern California so that probably helped.

    I know he was going through a lot of personal stuff. He still owes my friend $1,000. Nobody I know can get in touch with him. He deleted his facebook I believe, or maybe just deleted me anyways haha. I had his old phone # but that doesn't work anymore. I don't have his address anymore either.

    Hopefully he makes it right with you and everyone else. He's a good dude just going through some shit, but that's no excuse. He was the pioneer in rebarrelling wheels for hondas for sure.
  2. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    Word! He was known for alot of shit but this is def not one of them!! The addresses that I posted are the old addys! Right now I don't know what to do. And yea from how he sounded he was or is going through some shit. Alot of people also told me that was to kill this guy right her....
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  3. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    Damn, that sucks. Back when I wanted to rebuild something I got a quote from him but I decided to just buy new wheels instead. Harsh truth but looks like you wont be getting your wheels back man.
  4. waijai

    waijai New Member

    Know anybody with a Public Data account? I think it's worth a shot to call local authorities. Just because you don't live there doesn't mean a potential crime hasn't been committed.
  5. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    sounds like he went in over his head. tried creating a "business" with no security for either himself or his clients, and now, unfortunately, youre paying the price. best of luck in getting your wheels back; if he truly is a stand up guy, then maybe he'll make things right when hes able to stand up on his own two again (pun intended)
  6. 4DGS

    4DGS New Member

    Thanks to that spamming bitch I saw this thread.

    This is pretty bad, didn't Ralph at one point run RB and RB turn into VR? Or am I getting that confused with someone else that ran RB? If so, contact Jack at VR, he's cool as hell and will definitely point you in the right direction.
  7. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    Well I got a little good news! Turns out there is another guy who sent some wheels around the same time I sent him mine and is also from LA! he Pmed me about RW asking if we can work other together Ro get our shizy
  8. Mr.OB*GYN_Rhett

    Mr.OB*GYN_Rhett New Member

    I'm that buddy, thanks Morgan.

    I am really interested in seeing what happens here. Hope everyone gets their items returned as expected. Let's keep this thread alive.
  9. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    Word!!! I got contacted from guy on another forums who google Ralph wright and found this thread! He's in the same situation as all of us and he says he knows where he lives but he lives in a gated sub division. I don't give a fuck what Ralph is going thru! Don't fuck me bc he himself is getting fucked!!!

    Ill try to call the person who contacted me to get an addy to his subdivision so more people can track this guy! I just want my fucking wheels back !!!!:(
  10. 33flavors

    33flavors VSC Super Moderator

    Wheel builders seem to have all the same personality traits.
  11. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    ^^^^^ word it's getting rediculous!!!
  12. 4DGS

    4DGS New Member

    They get in over their head way to quick.

    Which is why I still don't take on more than 2 builds at once.
  13. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    Well I got some kind of good news. I was sleeping and wake up to a messssges and missed calls...

    Ralph called me and I had to be sleeping =\ but regardless he has finally contacted me but message said its Ralph weight with you wheels and he's calling to say he hasn't forgot about me. So lets see where this leads too... I'm hoping he calls back tomorrow!

    Stay tuned!
  14. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    well i got a good update, the wheels i have them back. But not assembled or in 100%. I did not get what i paid for but i am now communicating with him to resolve the issue. But at least i have my shit back......

  15. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    wow, unreal you had to go through that. Glad you got them back though, this has been an epic tale.
  16. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    yea tell me about it. its been a pain in my ass from start to semi finish. i dont really even know who to trust with wheels anymore =/. i want to sell these wheels but in a way i dont want to because i waited so long. But the problem is, that this guy tried to use a 40 bolt hole outer barrel with a 45 bolt hole face and inner barrel. he drilled some of the faces to 40 hole and not the inner barrel. So im going to take all the inner barrels and get ALL the holes welded up completely and grinded down. From there i will line up the face and outer barrel and mark off 40 new holes to be drilled. Then have the wheels sealed back up!

    so i still have to put some work into these wheels.
  17. 4DGS

    4DGS New Member

    Damn, too bad you're not closer to me in Canada I could take on all that stuff!

    what exactly wasn't 100% on them, the polished finish?
  18. xxjustimajinxx

    xxjustimajinxx New Member

    Well the wheels are chrome lol but I got a full set of wheels with gold bolts and caps . It's that issues about trying to fit a bolt hole lip to a 45 bolt hole face and inner barrel. I have to weld all the holes up in the inner barrel...

    Well I kinda explained it in my previous post !
  19. qtrung606

    qtrung606 New Member

    Good luck. hope they turn out awesome

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