P.G Deal of the Month for LS430 04-06 owners!

Discussion in 'PG Motoring USA' started by pgmotoringusa, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. kingpin

    kingpin New Member

    Ben(bwiklins) .. here is you chance to get this kit .. i would help you to import it if you need my help ..( FREE ) .. its a awsome deal ... don't miss this chance ..


    GET YOUR KIT ... lol

    sorry for the Thread jack PG .. wanted to get my point across to ben ..LOL
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  2. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

  3. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    $2000 picked up!!


    are you guys across from the gold line?
  5. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

  6. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    make reasonable offers for this...great time to get a great deal from tax refunds!
  7. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    2k for this is dirt cheap..i got my hybrid front bumper only for 1600 without fogs..
  8. notserp

    notserp Member

    any deals on 01-03 ls430 kits???
  9. NguyenDC2

    NguyenDC2 New Member

    Still available?
  10. ultm8mind

    ultm8mind Member

    still have this?
  11. pgmotoringusa

    pgmotoringusa VSC Vendor

    sorry, it was sold. Let me know if you are interested in any other kits. I can give you pricing!
  12. GeorgeLek

    GeorgeLek New Member

    P G Deal of the Month for LS430 04 06 owners

    Thanks for the review How much did it cost you? Heard that they have a diesel version of the Swift, think Pilhino will bring that as well?

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