Official VSC Shirts ver 2.0 are now available

Discussion in 'VSC Official T-Shirts' started by VIPStyleCars, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    thanks man. i was thinking....... maybe i will get them next year
  2. lowlyfey34

    lowlyfey34 New Member

    lol. i just sat back and waited patiently. its hanging up on my wall now haha
  3. okstance

    okstance New Member

    awesome! thanks for the contact!
  4. okstance

    okstance New Member

    i tried emailing but nothing email is
    unless theres a better email to reach you at??
  5. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    Did anyone get there t-shirts? His said he ship them. Still don't get minds, it's been like a week. But I have been fooled a few time saying it shipped but never got it. I will give it other week and let everyone know if I get fooled again.
  6. jomon-c

    jomon-c New Member

    Got mine lastweek!!
    Thanks john.

    Sessions: might contact u soon for a data controller : )
  7. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    John where's order???? been waiting about 3 months now and going...........
  8. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    I'll be making more of these shirts to fill your order. I sent one box to you (shame on me for not getting delivery confirmation) and once I receive the new run of this shirt I will send another box to you. Right now, only your shipment didn't arrive. Unsure why, I have verified all of the other shipments either privately or after getting delivery confirmations. Will keep you posted once the vendor finishes this final run. Sorry for the delay.
  9. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    ok ok we will see. i ordered the stickers and flags 6 months ago which i don't get but every few weeks you will text me your facebook me saying that you or your boy ship them out. but i'm not holding my breath. If not maybe i can come pick them up next year. we are planning on heading to SEMA.
  10. okstance

    okstance New Member

    about to be moving for the second time since ive made this keeping contact on this issue would be great
  11. lexusondubs

    lexusondubs New Member

    make some more shirts in FAT guy sizes please ....damn !
  12. TLontheDL

    TLontheDL VSC Super Moderator

    Not to beat a dead horse but are these shirts still available? Id like one in size L please!

    Moderator discounts? ;)
  13. ultm8mind

    ultm8mind Member

    2XL or 3XL possibly?
  14. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Administrator Staff Member

    I can remake the shirt but without the back graphic. Possibly do something else. We have some stuff up on that you can check out. Let me know
  15. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Administrator Staff Member

    We have apparel in those sizes on
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