****Official "Show your vip table" thread****

Discussion in 'Interior' started by /209JOHN\, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. polobai

    polobai Member

    Lite up as well
  2. polobai

    polobai Member

    And here is a crappy one showing my rear tables


    leg room is fine. no problems so far.
  4. tsgwhy34

    tsgwhy34 New Member

    Please excuse my noobness, but are all tables custom made? I think I would also to get one, when I get my M!


  6. HiloDB1

    HiloDB1 New Member

    I love the rear tables. Anyone have a pic of a LS430 with a set of rear tables?
  7. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

  8. infini

    infini New Member

    Gonna have something pretty epic to show in a few weeks :)

    XCLSIOR New Member

    Finished my rear center table, how's it look?
  10. IowaSciontist

    IowaSciontist New Member

    ^^^That's not bad at all. You can pick up some actual coaster rings from the net and put them in instead of using chrome molding. Then they would be rounder.

    Here is mine. Genuine Garson D.A.D. monogram. Didn't do the flip on the bottom table, just moved the mounts over so it would fit. I want to try and find the bird's eye wood grain so I can do the flip, but haven't had any luck. ANy suggestions?

  11. samsa

    samsa Member

    How is that attached on the seat?

    Looks very nice, but now rest of the interior needs to some work too.

    XCLSIOR New Member

    Thanks I looked everywhere for those dumb cup rings and no luck, I'll try searching around the net.

    It just sits there, isn't attached at all, but doesn't move anywhere
  13. IowaSciontist

    IowaSciontist New Member

    I will see if I can find you some.
  14. IowaSciontist

    IowaSciontist New Member

    Carmate is probably your best choice, or Garson but they will be more and made by carmate anyways.

    XCLSIOR New Member

    Cool thanks a lot for your help :)
  16. Nite_Grind

    Nite_Grind New Member

    2GS - damn man I admirer your interior. It looks so darn fresh.

    Polo - I just love it, and that color....nomm nomm
  17. /209JOHN\

    /209JOHN\ New Member

    sick azz table fellas... keep em coming

    polobai , nice handy work man.

    Xlsior, nice work man. where you get the chrome trim at?
  18. /209JOHN\

    /209JOHN\ New Member

    My fav model, sat at my table this weekend....hehe
  19. i.b.dat.fo

    i.b.dat.fo New Member

    lol she my fav too at BOS.
  20. GS300ToM

    GS300ToM New Member


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