****Official "Show your vip table" thread****

Discussion in 'Interior' started by /209JOHN\, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. /209JOHN\

    /209JOHN\ New Member

    Hey fellas,

    Let's see them vip tables. I'll start with mine which was built my boy James VIPdOut :thumbup:

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  2. normandie

    normandie Member

    Garson table for estima flipped, modified & wrapped in vinyl to fit the previa.

  3. /209JOHN\

    /209JOHN\ New Member

    ^ that is beautiful.. nice work
  4. 5t341tH

    5t341tH New Member

    wow! now thats a table!
  5. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    seriously... that looks very nice..
  6. anthony@canibeat

    anthony@canibeat New Member

  7. /209JOHN\

    /209JOHN\ New Member

    Thats dope l!zerd !
  8. chamorrodude

    chamorrodude New Member

    i wonder how many of you guys have actually DIY'd the tables to get them unique or lower the price.
  9. Phaze2_mizzark

    Phaze2_mizzark New Member

    Love the table as well as your previa as a whole. Seen it in person a couple times and this is one of, if not, the cleanest Previa I've ever seen. Love it.
  10. 2GSonAir

    2GSonAir New Member

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  11. C8V6C

    C8V6C New Member

    Wow those are nice! I just put my rear seatbacks on the other day, and haven't "accessorized" them yet like you guys

  12. 2GSonAir

    2GSonAir New Member

    Nice c8V6c !!! :thumbsup:



    made by james, aka vip'd out! great quality and fitment.
  14. infini

    infini New Member

    I have seen this in person and Normandie did a great job on this. Makes me want to buy a real RHD Garson table and invert it to see if I can get it done!

    I just posted mine on my thread but screw it.


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    XCLSIOR New Member

    just finished my rear center console "table". I made it myself, and I think it turned out ok for my first time ever working with wood or attempting anything of this nature.

    Not as fancy as some of the other tables here, but I like it, the sides black velvet and the inside of the top cubby hole thing is also lined with black velvet.

    Still debating on if I should cut out cup holders or just leave it the way it is.

  16. AmoneyQ45

    AmoneyQ45 New Member

    hows the leg room alot of my friends are around 6 foot and im thinking going the vipd out route
  17. polobai

    polobai Member

    Heres mine (made it myself)

  18. polobai

    polobai Member

  19. polobai

    polobai Member

    Lite up :)

  20. polobai

    polobai Member

    Here are my console and water bottle holder (also made myself)-I know they are not tables but along the same lines :)


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