Offical Y34 Thread .. Suspesnion/kits/pic/ Question !!

Discussion in 'Infiniti/Nissan' started by kingpin, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. lowlyfey34

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    im running a g35 setup in the rear....brackets with airhouse1 bags
  2. So aftermarket (battleversion) 350z rear toe link isn't really compatible, maybe it varies by brand but have to trim the bearing sleeve down with a lathe. They are a Little wide to fit onto the bracket.
  3. elvexilix

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    Has anyone or know anyone who has purchased items through Thinking about getting a few carefully selected things since shipping is high. They have sweet stuff for the y34.
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  4. Yes, Just give Em a shout...
  5. rgn17

    rgn17 New Member

    hi you seem on to it. whats best and biggest size and width wheel i can fit on rear and front of my cedric 2002. im getting wheels like yours allso need some lowering springs that would drop it to say 105mm cheers man
  6. goldmember

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  7. lowlyfey34

    lowlyfey34 New Member

    the widest width i have run so far is 10/11" but im not much of a width rather run lower offsets if i needed more poke and lip. i am currently running 19x10 all around (-7 up front, -2 out back for offsets) it just depends on what kinda fitment you want and how much camber you want to run.

  8. 33flavors

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    I can get all those suspension parts

    VEYEPEA New Member

    Okay, so I'm new to the chassis and want to recap from reading through the whole thread. Let me know if I'm wrong:

    -2002+ Gloria front end components will fit on USDM M45s
    -2001 and under Cedric front bumper, headlights, and grill are different but will fit if added all together
    -Clear "Kouki" Gloria LED tail lights will bolt-on to the M45, but what about the wiring?
    -Z32 calipers are 100% bolt-on for the M45 (both 26mm and 30mm?)
    -350z/G35 Brembos are also bolt-on for the M45 (no mods or adapters?)
    -370z/G37 Akebonos will need an adapter when running the 14" rotors
    -Jury is still out on whether some 350z RUCA, traction, or toe rods will fit out of the box, correct? (any confirmation on specific brands?)
    -Anyone confirm on the switch for the power folding mirrors yet?

    VEYEPEA New Member

  11. 66resto

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    Just picked up a '03 M45 on the cheap and need to get some ideas and plans in the works. Car is black on black. Keeping it simple and clean, drop it, pick out some wheels, dark tint and a trunk lip. I believe the one I like is the Mode Parfume version. I also really like a Gloria that had the grill painted black...I like it that it didn't have the blinkers in the mirrors too...really clean and simple.

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a spoiler? Many the links I have found are dead parts for the cars don't seem in high demand with the low production numbers.


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  12. Slo N Lo Benzo

    Slo N Lo Benzo New Member

    Any struts or coilovers available reasonable/cheap for my '03 M45. Later.
  13. No, buy bags. Good coilovers are expensive.
  14. elvexilix

    elvexilix New Member

    Ebay always has the BC coilovers for 1250 shipped. Not fully adjustable in the rear. Then there is Largus on ebay too; search: nissan gloria. They are new. soooo... you know. do diligence . cheap like only a grand with spindle and fully adjustable in the rear. Does not say if they come with the front camber plates.

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  15. lowlyfey34

    lowlyfey34 New Member

    I am selling my megan coilovers....hmu
  16. Y34Kyle

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  17. eds13

    eds13 Member

    I'm sad this thread is dead.

    I'm sad this forum is dead.

    I just picked up a y34 this week, and love it.

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