NorCal VSC meet!!

Discussion in 'West Coast' started by Oyabun, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    So who's up for another BBQ???? Was just talking to urmyhero4now!! Let's do a meet sometime this month!! Same place!! Let's just figure out when!!!!!! So everyone post up!!!!:biggthumpup::dance::dance::dance:
  2. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    yes please lets get this going!!!
  3. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    I'm down Scott-san.
  4. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    can we do a sunday please ;)
  5. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    mike set something up this month

    sunday august 24th?
  6. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    I am down ! but gotta have the Lexus in the paint shop for re cut and buff on the 19th ...
  7. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Cut and buff takes like 3 hours sucka!
  8. mdenoga

    mdenoga Active Member

    Guys I cant make it out anytime soon. Theres just so much to do. I have to get some carshows out of the way first. I'll help schedule one but not sure if I'll be out.

    James, is Andy doing it???
  9. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    lets let me kno whats goin on the 17th again...i want to hit atleast one showor meet this month.
  10. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    Im a maybe, if its at the end of the month im more likely to come out... air susp time
  11. 6hift

    6hift New Member

    cut and buff actually could take up to a day! Washing your car takes about 3 hours. The time it takes to wet sand a vehicle is forever and is very tedious.
  12. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    That's my B-Day!! And that means it's a maybe!!! Might be going out with the LADIES that night!!!!:giggity::giggity::giggity:
  13. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    scott and ladies? thats obsurd.
  14. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

  15. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    hahahahaa ^^^

    and Mike Not yet depending on how it looks from the shop .. then he might get the final touches on it ...

    Its getting redone by the place that half assed me the first time ..
  16. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    lol i was kidding scott..i kno your pimpin..

    but ya lets get something going.
  17. ShaneC

    ShaneC New Member

    hey everyone,

    i was plannin to have a bbq but the shop is not ready :(

    i am down for a sunday. or unless its after work, i got work monday - satruday 10am- 6pm.
  18. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    I can do Sunday, but I need to be back kinda early this a new assignment at work, which involves me having to actually be there on time/early for this whole month (lame).
  19. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

  20. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    By early, I mean not at home at like 1-2ish lol.

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