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Discussion in 'Other Vehicles...' started by mr.ka9, May 10, 2012.

  1. mr.ka9

    mr.ka9 New Member





    just enjoyin the clean look for awhile, may do some coilovers in the future... still thinkin abt it
  2. blackanese

    blackanese New Member

    Rims look way too big IMO. It has potential for sure and I love those RL but this looks like a donk. If you like it, leave it...that's all that matters
  3. jdm4lyf

    jdm4lyf New Member

  4. MrCeddyP

    MrCeddyP Member

    Wheels set the car off nicely on a bimmer vibe, but running that big of wheels needs to be lowered ASAP. I do agree, it has potential so good luck!=)
  5. mr.ka9

    mr.ka9 New Member

    thanks alot. ive been drivin my last 2 cars dropped in nyc for the past 8 yrs, i dnt miss it at all, i adore the soft ride, thats the only thing holdin me back lol

    L3GDKANG/JDM-KANG New Member

  7. Avantgarde

    Avantgarde VSC Super Moderator

    Looks like you raised the car! Get your fenders rolled and pulled a bit, then hammer the inner wells! Bring it back down to stock height or lower... I'm sitting on 20s too and mine don't look that big

    My RL

    nice to see another Nighthawk Black 2004 though :D and those wheels look GOOD on there!
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  8. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    those wheels are huge, Def do fender work and get the car lowered asap or take them back off.
  9. rykster

    rykster New Member

    I love love looooove the way the rear wheels fit. Dat concave is noice.
    I lil more low and it'll be on point.

    I <3 RL's
  10. MrCeddyP

    MrCeddyP Member

    I know what you're saying, but it looks looks weird when people run low profile tires with tons of fender gap. I was debating on running low profiles too but i'd have to lower it ASAP, so i opted to run 50 series to hold me off temporarily before i get funds to lower mines.
  11. mr.ka9

    mr.ka9 New Member

    i cant run anything bigger with this offset or else it'll rub like hell i have my fenders rolled and it still rubs but only on hard bumps or with weight in the back
  12. gh0st

    gh0st New Member

    It looks pretty good...but please, at least run lowering springs if you don't want the harshness of coilovers. Please.

    for our sake.
  13. BossMaxima

    BossMaxima New Member

    Import Donk Status! But I cant complain.. I still havent been able to lower mine either :pat:
  14. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    Damn I want this car. A lil air and lip service and it'll be sittin pretty.
  15. The car is clean and if he's happy that's all that matters Good luck with it
  16. MinimalMaximal

    MinimalMaximal New Member

    ya wheels look a little too big.

    the ka9 is a nice platform for VIPstyle. Something different from the popular gs, q45, LS, etc.

    ka9 slammed on some nice fitting staggered euroline DH with a nice fat lip at the rear would really set it off.
  17. 99Blackhatch

    99Blackhatch New Member

    Nice car, but a setup like that on a car belongs in "the hood" :)

    Drop it and enjoy it, if you like the "soft ride" then get coil overs that offer a soft ride or a stiff ride. I have had absolutely no problems with my K-Sport Kontrol Pros. These cars have tons of potential. Keep it up!

    my old '96 RL...
  18. visitor

    visitor New Member

    Your car looks more "hood" than his....

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  19. NYC03Alti

    NYC03Alti Member

    Nice RL, I had one of those for a little bit...the houses look like you're in Laurelton or Cambria Heights?
  20. 99Blackhatch

    99Blackhatch New Member

    Fair enough. It wasn't the best picture of my old setup, but to each their own. :)

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