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Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by Kinzo, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Kinzo

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    Greetings Vipsters,

    Hello my name is Paul from San Diego CA, I am new to the forum. I am a metal fabricator by trade. I came up with some ideas for accessorizing the interior and exterior. I want to introduce a new concept I call door entry scuff guards. Next to the door sill there is usually a plastic part that gets scuffed up from entering and exiting the vehicle. At that time I was leasing a new Altima coupe and scuffed the door entry for the first time, this motivated me to cover it up.
    In the Navy, we usually cover up imperfections with stainless steel sheet metal. So I measured the length and the contour and went to work using available tools and equipment with left over stainless steel sheet metal in the shop.
    The 2011 Autofashion VIP festival inspired me to design parts for VIP cars. I got ideas from modern metropolitan building interior. I used a scratch pad to create designs and like swirls and feathers. It can be installed non-inasively with double-sided tape. For more pictures check out Kinzo Metal Art on Facebook. I hope the VIP scene appreciates this art.

    I have prototypes for the GS300, LS400 and Y33. If you are interested you can PM me or message me on the Facebook page. Thank you.

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  2. fresh_617

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    this is very nice im assuming u can make them custom designs like lettering in them too that would look real cool
  3. Kinzo

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    anything is possible, what kind of lettering and artwork did you have in mind?
  4. EvoVIII808

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    i like this.. hook it up. haha
  5. dzznuts671

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    Pretty dope! Can you do pedal covers and the foot rest thingy?
  6. BossMaxima

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    PM sent!

    Tapa'Talkin on my Galaxy Note

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