New to VIPstyle and soon to be owner of a 1996 ucf21 celsior c f package!

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by Doug Joseph, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Doug Joseph

    Doug Joseph New Member

    Hi, Im new to vipstylecars and my toyota celsior is about to be landed in Canada in a few weeks! Very excited=).
    Its a 1996 toyota celsior C spec F package, fully loaded two tone pearl white on grey bottom, has leather, touch screen nav, rear massaging and reclining seats.
    Just want to introduce myself.
    Pics will be uploaded soon as i get her!
  2. OG

    OG Active Member

    what's c spec f package consist of?
  3. gh0st

    gh0st New Member

    sounds awful fancy.
  4. Doug Joseph

    Doug Joseph New Member

    The C spec F package was the top of the line celsior in Japan, It consisted of full leather interior, touch screen controls and navigation, air ride suspension, back seats were full power (reclining, headrest, slides forward/backwards). The rear was also heated and had massagers built in aswell as a personal cd player with head phone jack, front passenger seat automatically tucks away forward so the person in the back has more room, also had rear air conditioning, and rear window curtains, and some more upscale C F packages had cup holders and a mini type fridge in the back aswell as a roof mounted TV. I still have yet to find out if the one i bought had the fridge and tv feature. *fingers crossed*
    But i think thats all the C spec F package is. Once it lands here Ill definitely take tons of pics and a walk around video of all the goodies..
  5. Stock

    Stock New Member

    Sounds dope. I want a vid of the passenger seat making room.
  6. Doug Joseph

    Doug Joseph New Member

    Heres a video of one I found on youtube. Kind of fuzzy though, but check it out ill definitely make a better one when
    I get mine!
  7. BPVIP

    BPVIP New Member

    Wow nice want to see your vid/pics didnt know of the cf package on the ls400 are these available in the US?
  8. levie

    levie New Member

    eagerly awaiting pics. I see your in calgary. im in red deer, hopefully i see this at a show or something.
  9. Nite_Grind

    Nite_Grind New Member

    oh my first I've ever heard of this. Definitely would like to see the pics. I hope all is still well and your purcahse is on it's way. Waiting sucks, but sometimes its worth the wait.
  10. Donraja

    Donraja Member

    Dope car and welcome!
  11. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    wow never knew of such luxuries available elsewhere! awaiting...
  12. Midway-VIP

    Midway-VIP New Member

    where is the touch screen nav?
  13. ercchry

    ercchry New Member

    cf is like the ultra lux package on the ls430... always good for some lulz to compact the person in the front passenger seat with the rear controls. Doug, who is bringing the car in for you?

    love how calgary is all up in this forum lately

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