New to VIP scene, Current car of mine

Discussion in '101 Gallery' started by Golddb7, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    the color is hot boy :biggthumpup:
  2. C8V6C

    C8V6C New Member

    LOL all the compliments on the current ride made him decide to keep it JK :p
  3. 4acem2

    4acem2 New Member

    paint and wheels = total win man.

    DRPUCH New Member

    super clean , nice paint , rough too sell a honda in thi smarket seems like the honda market has gone down a ton......
  5. blk_98gs

    blk_98gs New Member

    man thats pretty freakn on searching for ur new ride..i now i had fun.
  6. mine.utd

    mine.utd New Member

    clean rid mate!!
  7. vipmikey

    vipmikey New Member

    damnnn son! this tegg is clean! my first car was a 4dr teg! sold it and upgraded myself to an ls430 :D
  8. illest

    illest New Member

    super clean teg.
  9. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    love the color and wheels combo.
  10. chaleeLs40o

    chaleeLs40o New Member

    super clean n luv tat color, wut color is tat?
  11. Mrs.Rodriguez

    Mrs.Rodriguez New Member

    You never forget your first love :)
  12. droo

    droo Member

    these are my old set of wheeels from my hatch :biggthumpup:
  13. Mrs.Rodriguez

    Mrs.Rodriguez New Member

    Well those are some nice wheels sir! Haha. I love that db! I had one like it, though it was the tl graphite grey!
  14. Nite_Grind

    Nite_Grind New Member

    Welcome ninja!
  15. ray316

    ray316 Member

    lol peeps still welcoming this dude when this thread is almost a year old. He disappeared lol integra is super clean though
  16. t0fudelivery

    t0fudelivery New Member

    CLEAN! love the color
  17. TYPEII

    TYPEII Member

    Sick car, love them Work Ewing... Did you sell the car?
  18. marus

    marus New Member

    clean teggra man...... sell it for a good price to get a good jump on vip-tunning your new lexus
  19. MaxiNone

    MaxiNone New Member

    nice looking car, love the color
  20. Zer0_KooL

    Zer0_KooL New Member

    you're insane, I think the honda market has sky rocketed latley especially out here in Cali

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