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    Hi everyone. My name is Sammy and I am located in Charleston, SC.
    I drive an 01 Lexus GS300. What got me into the VIP style was actually seeing a stunning blue GS in the SlammedSociety area of FDATL last year, along with seeing many cars at the car events-be it FormulaD, NOPI, ImportAlliance, and SouthernFresh. So i've decided that i want to slowly go in this direction with my own.
    I haven't gotten much done to her yet (as i just got my car in February) and i want to take my time to make sure it's done right. no rush jobs. Advice and guidance would be great, since i'm new and don't fully know the ropes, though i do understand the concept from wasting all day at work researching and looking at everything (haha)
    anyways here are a few pictures of my car how she sits right now... and remember i'm just starting!

    tentative plans are to get the car painted matte white, and eventually i want a set of ordens. Torn between bags and static.

    total newbie question here: decals. i've gotten mixed responses on whether a true VIPstyle car can have decals on it or not. and i'm not talking about random gaudy decals. i was considering putting on small, simple ones that represent the car groups i'm part of (like superior ladies car crew, slammed society, etc) and a sponsor sticker for my harness (tweak'd performance). they would all be the same uniform color to match the accent colors under the hood.
    would that be a huge no-no? some people have said it's ok as long as it's tasteful and isn't like 20+ stickers. others say absolutely not: no stickers at all.
    (until i save up for the Ordens, i will probably have a set of TE37s on her, and the color of the decals is also going to match the color of those wheels for the time that they are on the car.)

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