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Discussion in 'Interior' started by ecac06, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. ecac06

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    im building a car out of the vip style (chevy caprice on 22's) but i am doing the interior of my car vip cause i love how they look. it was all red took it all out and im doing it black and gray with coach inserts. iv get almost it all done just need to do staring carl, seats, and finish the center con.

    well anyways i just build a center con for the front seats and a lil arm rest thing for the back see with a total of 4 cup holders, but the 2 in the back i want to do is put a ciroc bottle and a cup with ice in it and im looking for fake/prop ice with out spending a crazy amount of money for a few pieces
  2. ecac06

    ecac06 New Member

  3. SumYungM35

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    Gotta pay to play my man

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    Throw it in the gutta, go by anotha

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    But really, lol junk

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    Yea I know this, but still don't know where to find any??
  7. mrbrian8

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    Buy that magic shake stuff from walmart, when not frozen it looks like an ice cube (its a kids toy)[​IMG]

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