New Sportmax's. (56k no bueno)

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by Ubernathan, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Az1

    Az1 New Member

    Not a huge fan of the wheels but they will look real sick once your car is dropped.
  2. vzuptnguyen

    vzuptnguyen New Member

    are you even aiming for VIP?
  3. DCxMagus

    DCxMagus New Member

    Once you drop it, it will look a hell of a lot better, but personally I would sell the wheels and get the air suspension on first. Unless of course you can afford to drop it right now then by all means do it quick.

    It might just be me but I'm willing to sacrifice a wheel size to drive the car dropped to the ground. Especailly if you going with air suspension it would be a shame to get the air suspension set up on there only to realize you can't drop it to the floor because of the wheels(if thats what you looking for out of air suspension). I read in another one of your post your coming from coilover set ups(like myself), the first thing I realized in my research about air suspension is, if you think coilovers got you low.... you have no idea what air suspension can do for ya =) especially if you on a nice flat strip of road and you can REALLY dump it.

    That being said They don't look bad, they just don't really stand out and say wow, since this whole style seems to have come from standing out in exreme ways I think a huge drop would have been a better way to start the car off, big rims on a stock hieght car just isn't that extreme or stand out-ish anymore.

    But you gotta start somewhere and if they make ya happy then at the end of the day thats what matters most =)
  4. Ubernathan

    Ubernathan Guest

    thanks guys for all the feedback, and zion thanks for the photoshop! Yeah, like I said, I would have loved to get air suspension first, but the tires that were on the car were i figured I might as well get the wheels and tires done and over with. And actually I didn't think it would be as much as it was...the sportmax's jump up a little in price for the 19s, total for all of em was $1,44x.xx, but I still love how they look, and eventually I'm sure I will pick up some weds or some other great wheels... I need a fender-roller for sure though...
  5. Ubernathan

    Ubernathan Guest

    yah, eventually i'll get more into it, I'm still kinda just playing around and learning all about the vip modding style before I really really get into it
  6. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    Let me know if you want my Weds Kranze. I'm asking just $1500 shipped with tires and they would be a big step up from Sportmax.
  7. Sierra

    Sierra New Member

    Looks wise, they are pretty good.

    But I hate xxrwheels. The manufacturing quality is nothing short of rediculously terrible. I could never personally justify spending money on a new set of cheaply made wheels when I could go buy a set of clean quality used wheels for the same price or less.. sorry man.

    But that really isnt the point. When its slammed it'll be a damn sharp looking car. :)
  8. Go90go

    Go90go New Member


  9. fresh

    fresh New Member

    holy 4x4 batman
  10. hypertek

    hypertek New Member

  11. JN.FYC

    JN.FYC VSC Super Moderator

    1400 is expensive, i saw some cheap/decent vip known brand name wheels on RBwheels


    1,400+ woooooooow! you way overpaid!

    for $100 i can sell you a can of air you can take where ever you go incase you run out of breath!

  13. nizzan4u2nv

    nizzan4u2nv Member

    Wait a minute. Those cost you $1400?
  14. vip tint+glass

    vip tint+glass Active Member

    wheels, tires, mount, balance, tax, and shipping all adds up. sounds close
  15. Ubernathan

    Ubernathan Guest

    yeah they were up there, like I said, I imagine later on I'll start going after some of the more luxurious wheels, but for now these make me plenty happy
  16. Ubernathan

    Ubernathan Guest

    oh and hypertek, I am not too fond of the mesh look, but wow...those actually would look really great. Good find
  17. KLD

    KLD New Member

    I had the same wheels on my 240 along time ago...I liked them, I can't see past your lift kit.

  18. KLD

    KLD New Member

    HOLY CRAP!!!! $1400!!!!!!!!

    I missed that part...I paid $400 brand new when they came out. 17x9 front and 18x9.5 rear.
  19. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    Make this deal happen....
  20. Ubernathan

    Ubernathan Guest

    yeah, those weds are cool, just not really my style. I'm more of a thick-spoke kinda person...but those are too thick haha

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