New Skyline GT_R with Lotus developed suspension NURBURGRING

Discussion in 'Gettin' Off-Topic' started by jubei07, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. jubei07

    jubei07 New Member

  2. VIPFlame

    VIPFlame Member

    Good stuff Jubei. Keep em coming this can be the official GTR thread.
  3. mebippu

    mebippu New Member

    Lotus huh. Only the best in suspension though not my favorite GTR. Kinda of disappointing to hear though because it shares so much in common with existing nissan models. Skylines were always the first and only of its kind not sharing anything comparable to other nissan models surely setting it apart from the rest. I heard that the new president of nissan japan opted to go cheap on the new GTR project and use the popular g35/z33 chassis and a beefed up vq and other what nots. Not like the older models with paving the way to redefine awesomeness like the developement and perfection of the AWD system in the r34. Definately badass though.

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