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Discussion in 'Infiniti/Nissan' started by 81kings, Aug 23, 2016.

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    Hello everyone, Im Jabari 35 and in the military. I've been working on cars for a while now, but I don't consider myself a mechanical just someone who can follow instructions and decipher repair manuals. I'm new to the VIP game , but I did have a few platforms that could of went that route LS400 98 GS300 96 525li 97. Now I have a Infiniti Q45 97 I bought it from a older couple for 800.00 with 120k on it. It had frontend damage to the bumper hood and head light. But I got all that fixed the same day down at Ecology Recycling " thank God for them" . I've done a few things to my car so far.

    Mods / parts
    HID high / low/ fog
    Led everything
    98 anniversary edition front heated seats
    98 anniversary edition head lights
    98 anniversary edition dash trim + steering wheel
    98 dash and AC control + clock
    Double din pioneer 5800
    5 channel amp 1000
    Hertz components 6'25 all around
    Tang bands 6'25 subs
    CIMA decals
    Powe folding mirrors + blinker caps
    Z32 30mm calipers front and back
    Slotted rotors
    SS Brake lines

    And bunch of other parts I can't remember right now

    Coming soon I hope

    Rim's - stance wheels sc-5 20x8 20x10
    Tires - Pirelli P Zero
    Coilovers - parts shop max + s14 drop knuckle and spindle
    Body kit - ?
    Paint job - ?
    Interior - ?

    I'm close but, so far away. One part at a time .

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  2. Good car to start off with. Parts available for these are everywhere

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  3. 81kings

    81kings New Member

    thank you man, that means a lot too me.
  4. 81kings

    81kings New Member

    I got a daily driver now, let the y33 mods begin. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. ashy-larry

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    How did you get z calipers on stock y33 knuckles? The holes for stock y33 calipers are much larger, I would think that to be sketch, no?

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