New Guy From San Diego...

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by VIP300C, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Give Me VIP

    Give Me VIP New Member

    Not bad, keep us updated.
  2. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    niceeee... i like what i see..... good job~
  3. dRo15

    dRo15 Member

    hey Mike... you live in Eastlake. I saw you today about 8:20 rolling right next to you in that dirty as 4dr teggie on Olympic. Nice ride.

  4. VIP300C

    VIP300C Member

    haha yeah that was me! Were you in the gold integ?
  5. illest300c

    illest300c New Member

    wassup fool.. glad you made it here to..
  6. VIP300C

    VIP300C Member

    Haha wassup brother....yeah i found my way here as well. You like my avatar? Its not here yet... still waiting.. I'll post when it comes.
  7. dRo15

    dRo15 Member

    yup that's me... maybe all that dirt made it look gold. haha

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