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Discussion in 'Electronics' started by sojah, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. sojah

    sojah Member

    I have been running the Phantom air cup kit for about a year now and had some issues come up today. my air tank should have been just about full but when i got in my car at lunch time the compressor kicked in. I thought it was a little strange but whatever. After about 8 mins of it running (usually runs about 3-4 mins) i thought it should have been full by now so i turned off the car. i checked and the 30A fuse was blown and the wiring looked slightly melted about 5 inches away from the fuse it self. not sure if one caused the other but when i got home i put in a new fuse and turned the car back on. the compressor came on again and after it ran for 6 mins this time i turned the car off again. the fuse again was blown.

    i am thinking either something in the compressor/tank area that tells the tank its full has failed or somehow the wire overheated and melted some and that is causing it to get stuck in the ON position.

    what / where is the thing that tells the compressor to shut off because the tank is full? can this item be replaced when/if it fails? thank you and any help would be much appreciated because i can't just keep putting in new fuses.

  2. Boosted SuFi

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    Have you checked the compressor pressure sensor? Should be inline before the relay in the ignition wire.

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  3. brainneeded

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    it'll be the sensor plugged into the tank. you may need to replace it if the compressor won't turn off. also if the fuse is blown and the compressor is still going, there's something definitely wrong with your wiring.
  4. bhsuperlow

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    what ive noticed alot is that the check valves fail on the viair setup. look into those guys

    in one year ive had three fail on me

    ended up going w/ SMC check valves

    the check valve failure would cause your compressors to work overtime trying to fight air coming back into the cylinder to compress so that might be the issue..
  5. Awwthentic

    Awwthentic New Member

    I've had the tank pressure sensors/switch plug on me multiple times. The sensor/switch that was directly on the side of the tank, well was on mine. From condensation and dampness in the airlines I believe

    After the third switch I was going to see if i can get a air dryer set up some how to stop it, but then sold the car lol.
  6. OG

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    I would look for a short on the power wire, most likely at the fuse holder. if the compressor is running with a blown fuse that means the power is finding another way around. this is bad because if it grounds to chassis you'll have a fire on your hands. I would disconnect the negative terminal until you find the issue.
  7. sojah

    sojah Member

    i had the power lines upgraded, new bigger power lines, fuse, new pressure sensor, new beefier tank (same size) all installed. everything worked but there was a sizeable leak still... now the SMC check valve that is only like 6 months or so old is leaking, and i am awaiting these parts to arrive from mainland japan now.
  8. sojah

    sojah Member

    Smc check valve replaced,, again.. problem solved

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