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Discussion in 'Interior' started by luda42688, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    Guys, I've searched and searched and searched and didn't come up with to much. I've been debating on what color to run with neck pads.

    I have a 98 lexus black gs400 with tan interior. I love the jp neckpads but they dont come in tan. Every picture i've seen of tan neck pads with tan interior seems a bit to much tan. Can i have some input from the vip pros on the board. What would you run?

    BLKVIP Member

    me persoally am getting Luxury Abstract. you can get any color you want in leather, suede or anything else. so you could get them to match your interior.

    my seconed choice would be Garson or one of the vip companys sessions, insurance ect..

    tho i do belive insurance makes tan'ish ones. and where in boston u at? im down in plymouth
  3. luda42688

    luda42688 New Member

    Just north of the bean up in Peabody, living in Saugus now. Havent seen to many VIP inspired cars in our area up here.

    My biggest thing is the cost i dont want to spend 2 -3 hundred on flipping neck pads if you catch my drift. But then again, you got to pay to play... appreciate the input

    BLKVIP Member

    yea JP are on the cheap side lol what you doing for wheels

    not many of us me, two GS's and one Q but they are really busy so I'm the only one who gets to the shows
  5. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    i like the JP ones cus they comfy :D
  6. VI IX

    VI IX Active Member

    If u could find someone with dead stock of bellezza tan ones they matched perfectly on my boys GS.
  7. tommiedred

    tommiedred New Member

    I like the Bellezza ones..
  8. blakuza

    blakuza VSC Vendor

    you really think the JP ones are comfy >< i guess after you break them in for a couple of months you good but out the box i hated tham ><
  9. 1cleanM

    1cleanM New Member

    yah i had the JP ones and didnt like em too much so i put that in my other car , i ended up getting the Bellezaaaaa ones and they are oh so comfy at lunch time naps! ha ha
  10. xxlocalboyxx

    xxlocalboyxx New Member

    Anyone got pics of black pads with tan interior?
  11. aristo909

    aristo909 New Member

    who sells belleza still?
  12. Tabaka

    Tabaka New Member

    I believe AutoFashion still sells Belleza neck pads.

    As some of the others have described, the Junction Produce pads are very uncomfortable. You might as well strap a cinderblock to your head rest.
  13. Devil27

    Devil27 New Member

    Yeah I gotta co-sign what everyone else said. I have a set of JP neck pads in my 99 LS, and yes there are hard as hell. I think I'm just to the point where I'm use to it vs saying I broke them in.

    Female passengers love em for some reason lol
  14. burgy

    burgy New Member

    My Wifes Session's Sakura's are the best ones I have ever used so far. Great shape and comfort
  15. BAHC

    BAHC New Member

    y'all tripping, the JP ones are hella comfy...the other ones are undersized imo. and i believe belezza went outta business
  16. aristo909

    aristo909 New Member

    Wish they still sold those bellezas. Anyone know what neck pads match Lexus 2gs tan interior?
  17. MrCeddyP

    MrCeddyP Member

    The Bellezza neck pads look very plain but hearing how comfortable they are, i guess we're compromising comfort or style.

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