My Y34 Starter Shorted And Was Smokin Like Crazy --- What Is Best Way To Replace ?

Discussion in 'Infiniti/Nissan' started by Slo N Lo Benzo, Jun 24, 2015.

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    Well, I was out at a couple stores last friday night and heard a strange sound as I was in the street so pulled in a parking lot.
    The sound was like a spinning elec. motor. I parked and shut off the engine but the sound was still there, then tried to restart and nothing.

    Opened up the hood and sound was at the starter location. Within about a minute it started smoking.
    I figured something must be shorting out and it must be the starter, but I didn't have any tools.

    Tried to see if anyone in the parking lot had a wrench but no luck. Lucky for me that parking lot was for Kmart, so I ran in to go buy a wrench. As I looked back while going in there was a big ass cloud of smoke and the smell of burning wires.
    My nightmare was to go back outside and see my Y34 up in flames.

    So I got the wrench and rushed to the register, told the checker to scan it quick and threw her a $20. and told her I'll be back for change.
    Ran out to see the car still smoking some but not on fire. I loosened the battery cable and it was hot hot along with the battery.

    All I could do then was call AAA and wait for a tow.

    I didn't even want to look at what damage I was facing till Monday. Jacked up the car and went straight to see the starter, it def. was the problem.
    Cable that bolts to solenoid was all burnt along with the plastic insulator.

    I've had intermittent starting problems for the last few months when trying to start, as in turning key and just getting a click for up to 10 times then cranks and starts. Was this the sign of the starter eventually shorting out ? If so, you Y34 owners beware!

    Now back to repairs. What is the best/easiest way to replace the starter?
    I've heard to replace it you have to loosen motor mount and raise engine a couple inches to get to top bolt.

    Dealer wants $360. labor & $660. starter.
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  3. Yes, the best and only way is to raise the motor, hold it with an engine support bar, unbolt all the mounts, ps (ps rack comes off with the x memeber), belts, and the cross member itself and remove. Thats how you will get access to the starter. How i know, i replaced oil pan and mounts myself and the starter is easier to get to if motor mount removed as well. You really can't get to anything untill X/cross member is removed on this car or the f50.
  4. [​IMG][​IMG] the starter is right there in front of my hand.[​IMG]

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