My W140 S-Class

Discussion in 'VIP 101' started by zsm722, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. zsm722

    zsm722 New Member

  2. xsuperbeex

    xsuperbeex New Member

    If you want any help with the offset of the wheels and other stuff I am willing to help... Previous w140 too.. By any chance did you join mymbonline or mbjunkies? Seem like I have see a w140 from ucsd before
  3. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    Welcome ...I think I have seen you on benzworld. Nice 2 c another merc here....:biggthumpup:
  4. Han_SoLow

    Han_SoLow New Member

    Nice car and good luck. I have the dream of getting a w220 some day and doing the VIP treatment to it. I want to totally gut it of all electronics and the drive train and replace it with reliability and simplicity. It's not like anyone would ever really know LOL.
  5. hellah fresh

    hellah fresh Member

    Welcome man! Another w140 in the mix.
  6. zsm722

    zsm722 New Member

    yes I am very active on with the same username! I'll definitely hit you all up when I get to that stage in this build! I just picked up these monoblocks a few weeks ago, they are off of the W220. Front 18x8.5 ET44 255/40/18 Rear 18x9.5 ET46 285/35/18. (need to get taller rear tires, speedo is off)

    xsuperbeex if I remember correctly you had the bagged black W140? lowenharts? I tried to get your grille I think. NightImport? I have your car's picture saved somewhere on my computer :)

    JUICEDW140, I followed your build thread, it looks amazing!

    Han_SoLow, I am lucky that this is an S420, I don't even have the hydraulic struts in the rear.

    hella fresh, your shit is tight my man, I haven't seen you that much on Benzworld recently, but keep reppin the YAY AREA haha

    At this point in time with my W140, I just paid for an alignment after getting the wheels on, and am reluctant to slam it immediately. First of all, I don't have the funds to bag it yet, and I still need to get around the shitty roads in SD without destroying my ride.
    I was thinking about changing the shims to the 8mm ones, getting an effective 1.2 in drop at the wheels (0.6 in at the spring). That would clear up some of my wheel gap (obviously not enough) but with these wheels I don't think I can go lower than that without having to roll my fenders.

    Eventually down the line I would like to "do it right" no expense spared, but I'm a broke college student haha. Another thing is that I was forced to replace the Bilstein OEM shock absorbers+the suspension components (sway bar bushing/control arm bushing, etc) about 5,000 miles ago, so the car rides great now, if I slam it, the shock absorbers will lose their life faster right?. Car currently has 126,4XX.

  7. VIP-UCF

    VIP-UCF Active Member

    welcome...lets get these w140's lookin dope
  8. xsuperbeex

    xsuperbeex New Member

    Yep that's me... SD roads are still fine.. If you don't want to bag it go to joe's stereo and find ahmad or bruce... Say from Edbert with the black s class and silver c coupe and oh if they ask bout me just say I am out of the country... They can compress the spring to a pretty low height... Sadly I don't live at SD anymore, if not I can help you with your stuff.. Anyway sold the grille to a guy from ny...
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  9. zsm722

    zsm722 New Member

    Thanks man, congrats on winning Best Euro at Wekfest. your W140 looks GREATTT!

    Thanks for the info, I haven't heard good things about compressing the springs though, I'm hoping to maybe pick up H+R or B+G Springs, and then possibly cutting the springs if I want to go lower. I'm trying to achieve a look like this for now, and then when I can afford air suspension, VIP it.

  10. xsuperbeex

    xsuperbeex New Member

    Yeah that's how low is my ride I think... Check back my pics.. I got no problems for mine
  11. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    welcome, i almost mistaken the thread title for your "wife" s class haha!

    LOWSHO_NZ New Member

    Welcome man , Mint Benz .
  13. Mrs.Rodriguez

    Mrs.Rodriguez New Member

    I see one of these parked on my way to drop my daughter off at the sitters, it looks like it hasn't moved in months. Wonder if I go offer them some cash, if they'd sell it to me. Haha. Looks good as is right now, I am sure it willl come a long nicely.
  14. JUICEDW140

    JUICEDW140 New Member

    Be careful what you wish for...lots of things to check for before buying a w140-one can end up spending a fortune bringing many issues back to working condition...jmho

  15. lil23pinoy

    lil23pinoy New Member

    I know this is pretty late. But I def agree with that statement! I bought my 10/10 exterior and 10/10 interior back in March/2013 and I cant keep the car running more than 28miles.

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