My vipdout inspired vip trays

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Redstarz808, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Redstarz808

    Redstarz808 New Member

    Just wanted to share my projects. The back seat tray is like the triple rear tray that vipdout makes. I don't have a table saw or good equipment so I had to make all these cuts using a jigsaw and sand by hand. Think I did a pretty good job. For this, I used 1/2 inch plywood and applied some ebony wood stain and varnish to give it the gloss. Around the sides are 1/2 inch chrome flex molding. And I was able to get the chrome holders for the bottles thanks to James Church of vipdout. The LED tray I made was a simple box design, it has LED ice cubes inside of little glasses that light up with just a lil bit of water. And on top of that are about 3 lbs. of acrylic ice. And this too I also stained with ebony wood stain, varnished, and chrome flex molding around the sides. I'm gonna try and make another that connects the backseat and the front center console together as one piece. Feel free to ask any questions, or leave comments. Thanks!

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  2. YoLowAccord

    YoLowAccord New Member

    That looks awesome. Im about to get something like this going soon. What type of plywood did you use?
  3. Redstarz808

    Redstarz808 New Member

    I used just regular plywood for this. Nothing special. Thinking of spending extra and getting a nicer grain wood for the next one.
  4. cdplayer

    cdplayer New Member

    Always good to have something different from the crowd.. Great work..

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  5. vip_factory

    vip_factory Member

    really nice job!
  6. ballistic1350

    ballistic1350 Member

    Looking good! Attempting my own with mdf and wood grain vinyl. What did you use for the standoffs?

    What did he charge you for the cup holders?
  7. Redstarz808

    Redstarz808 New Member

    You mean the chrome stands? It's just 1 inch wood dowels wrapped with chrome vinyl. I forget what he charged for the cup holders. Try message him on IG and ask him.

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