my sentia HE project

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles...' started by alpha, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. alpha

    alpha New Member

    my sentia HE project new rims last page

    woohoo finally dropped that bi*ch:)
    on rsr springs and shorter shocks.
    now its time to do some offset measurements and save up for da right mags
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  2. MS9

    MS9 New Member

    didn't you have work euroline dishes or replicas at one time?
  3. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Good start good start.

    That Sentia has something different about it... doesn't look quite like the 929s we had over here
  4. //935GS400

    //935GS400 VSC Super Moderator

    cool..theres allot of sentias out there in japan. keep us updated.
  5. alpha

    alpha New Member

    yep had them on my old HD and then on my white HE.
    might be getting real ones in 19's as soon as i have some funds.

    im really happy with that drop but maybe rear needs to be dropped another 20mm or so.
    we shall see when i get mags,then i can measure if i need a drop

    here are my old sentias
  6. Damicci

    Damicci VSC Super Moderator

    Sentias/929's are nice. Definitely another one of those non platform but very capable cars. Keep us updated.
  7. antbo

    antbo New Member

    i wonder why its non platform? it has leather, RWD, chrome trim, 4 doors similar features as lexus and infiniti :shrug:
  8. charley240sx

    charley240sx New Member

    and is probably the flagship vehicle for mazda. but it didnt do well though.

  9. alpha

    alpha New Member

    u are right it was a luxury flagship car mazda ever made,but yeah didnt sell well as no one believed in mazdas at that stage.oh well i believe in them.ive got 3rd one now and i never had any problems with previous ones

    antbo: well mine doesnt have leather but higher specs one did.

    wish it was a platform lol:)i mean cmon its same size as ls400/celsior or gloria/cedric

    yep i will kepp you thing on the list are mags,might take a few months to save up plus i will be getting them from japan.

    cheers guys]

    so i have measured up what offset will fit
    and with camber ive got now i can fit 9" +25 in the back.thats without fender rolling and any other camber adjustment
    so if i roll fenders and camber even more i shoulb be able to fit something around +20 or even lower.
    but fronts have got way more space then back so i guess i will go with 8 by +20 and use spacers
    so i think this set up will be just fine for now(well until i can actually afford to get mags lol)
    time to save up some $$
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  10. SkidMark

    SkidMark New Member

    I really dig the 929s (especially the white one)... i have yet to see one modded here in the states and would look good sittin' parked next to my Mazda5. hehe...
  11. alpha

    alpha New Member

    apparently HE sentias never made it to US bro
  12. SkidMark

    SkidMark New Member

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge... I meant 929s in general don't get much love out here.
  13. alpha

    alpha New Member

    lol its ok:)
    well HD's were quiet popular back then.bu thenagain they werent tat popular anywhere.sometimes i feel like the only obsessed sentia freak
  14. alpha

    alpha New Member

    so i scored a good deal on some 17s.
    they are only temporary until i can save up and order some 19's from japan
    they are 17x7 +38 offset so yeah very weak lol.
    so dont laugh at me
    well better then my stock 15s
    i will try to get adjusties from yahoo auctions by the end of a year, so i can go way lower then im now. if funds will allow me
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  15. slideshow240

    slideshow240 New Member

    look like my work ryvers. nice start on the car man.
  16. alpha

    alpha New Member

    haha i like yours better.
    thanks bro.they will do for now,tiem to save up for 19s
  17. fatfree

    fatfree New Member

    That white one is nice!!
    I dig sedans with long trunks, vs short trunks as on newer vehicles now.
  18. alpha

    alpha New Member

    yeah i agree with flows much better with the rest of the car if you look side on

    just bought this exhaust
  19. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    That exhaust looks gross. I'm used to seeing it on nasty cars though.

    Your wheels make your car look like a Jaguar XJ to me for some reason. They look good.
  20. alpha

    alpha New Member

    it does a little bit.yesterday one guy thought it was a jag.and my co worker said it looks like a merc:)

    well im not complaining about exhaust,i picked it up for $40 and its almost new.and dont worry, i make sure it looks decent on my car lol:)
    it requires quiet a bit of work to put in because of sentias original setup.will have to cut out more out of the bumper etc etc to make it look right

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