My Photoshoot with PUREVIP Sacramento!!

Discussion in 'Lexus/Toyota' started by GS300ToM, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. GS300ToM

    GS300ToM New Member



    And a little behind the
    scenes of my cousin Jeff (PUREgs) and Tom (GS300ToM) waiting as I
    shoot lol. Thanks guys for your patience!
  2. 20sburning

    20sburning New Member

    Car's looking clean!! Great shoot!
  3. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    car looks great!
  4. RITZY33

    RITZY33 Member

    Dam.... this makes me want a GS so bad now
    impulse buys FTL haha...
    Looks really good and the car is captured well through the pics!

    DIRTYATL Active Member

    Clean.....I like it

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  6. speedaddict

    speedaddict bippu cowboy

    I spy Old Sac! looking good Tommy. I'll be in 916 end of next month...I'll hit you up
  7. Gottagitmines

    Gottagitmines New Member

  8. phenomeno

    phenomeno Member

    Dope photoshoot! Love the stance of both GS'.
  9. Speed

    Speed Member

    Simply beautiful

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  10. Mugenman08

    Mugenman08 New Member

    very nice.. great shoot
  11. jbo

    jbo VSC Super Moderator

    Nice shoot...
  12. aristo93

    aristo93 Active Member

    sweet pics cars looking good !
  13. passat

    passat New Member

  14. GS300ToM

    GS300ToM New Member

    thanks peepo... and yeah hit me up thomas when youre out here
  15. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    dope man. Your car has that timeless look that will never go out of style.
  16. Lextacy671

    Lextacy671 New Member

    damn, i needa go air soon...
  17. GS300ToM

    GS300ToM New Member

    ^^^^ do it...................
  18. eight08customs

    eight08customs New Member

    looks good man!
  19. timmy0tool

    timmy0tool Member

    lovely lovely lovely!
  20. 415mm

    415mm New Member

    That's clean. Nice pics

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