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Discussion in 'Exterior' started by Oyabun, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

  2. Gao Jian

    Gao Jian VSC Super Moderator

    what about rain or snow man?
  3. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    It looks cool and I know they covered ground clearance but I would have to kill myself if I accidentally opened the door while my car was slammed! :sad:
  4. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Scott, I don't think that will work for most cars nowadays...well idk. Maybe. Definitely not cars that are slammed on the ground right?
  5. Gao Jian

    Gao Jian VSC Super Moderator

    But you know it would be awesome to say that you can't open your door cause your cars too low:smiley-rofl:
  6. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    Your car can be lowered because the mechanism is between the floorboards on some models!! The company will make them to the design of your car!! So if your car is lowered. They can and will work around that!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    I was wondering about rain too. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't think about snow either:dunno: ( It doesn't snow in the bay area!!!:pat: :smiley-rofl: :smiley-rofl:)
  8. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    Hella Gangsta!=)

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    WHAT THE DUCE!!!! :inouteek:
    That's SO wierd!!!!
  10. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Oh, wow, I didn't realize they were producing those again.

    last I heard, that original Lincoln was on eBay and one of the doors didn't work.

    Pretty neat that the design is back in business, to some degree
  11. KickEachVerse

    KickEachVerse New Member

    Wow. That is f*ckin' sick.
  12. scottleone

    scottleone New Member

    i saw this on one of my silvia boards and i thought it was kind of a cool novelty concept. still think suicide doors on a second gen gs would be even better though.
  13. uhh. holy shmolly what was that?
  14. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    omg that shit is so sick ...

    hahahaha Wow ! I wish I had that though Hella gangstA !

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