My first VIP Platform (1998 GS300)

Discussion in '101 Builds' started by Mrs.Rodriguez, Sep 27, 2011.

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    nice work...please dont go buy a TTE Replica lip...
  2. Mrs.Rodriguez

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    Nope, just keeping her stock all around.
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    The paint code for a car is usually found somewhere in the door jams, probably a sticker with the Lexus logo and some kind of alphanumeric code. If there are no stickers in the jams, maybe it was resprayed. Sometimes you can also find build codes via the VIN of the car, telling you what color the factory sprayed. What color is the engine bay? Thats usually a giveaway of a color respray (unless they pulled the motor and all, which would indicate maybe it wasn't a cheap job). Another place to check, remove a door panel and check the color of the inner door skin, another place that is often overlooked (unless again, it wasnt a cheap job). You could check further, removing the rear carpet. Its also possible it is a rare factory color, in which case you might want to consider keeping unless you just plain dont like it.

    Few different things you could do with the bumpers. If the only reason you want to replace them is because of broken tabs, maybe consider a cheaper alternative of just fabbing up some simple brackets to secure them. Would probably be cheaper than sourcing replacement oem bumpers (even used) and then paying for the paint (which might be tricky if the paint code is unknown and thus hard to match). If you want to replace them because of cracks or other reasons that justify the cost, then I understand. In that case you could source used oem bumpers, and then keep these original ones on the side, maybe using them as a base for some sort of custom work involving cut/mold to a different kit not offered for your car (which is always cooler than off the shelf in this game, and in fact seems to be the norm in Japan these days). If you plan to respray a bumper, might as well get the lip kit at the same time. If you plan to respray the car, might as well wait till then to do the bumpers.

    As for the suspension, maybe get the car on jackstands, remove the wheels, and clean up the coilovers. If you can find out the brand, maybe its half decent, something you could work with, saving you money, or allowing you to compliment them with other suspension components (inc bushings or adjustable links). If you have the wheels off, check the inner barrels for brand/specs, or better yet just measure. In the vip game its all about width and offset, specs you need to help you determine fitment or ask for advice here on VSC. Maybe you could even sell the wheels (keeping the tires) and use the money to buy wheels with similar but more aggressive specs and/or a different style. Not all wheels are 3k hehehe but of course, depends on your personal pref. What size tires are on those wheels?

    I think you got a good start here on the build, tho I still have my doubts about you posing as a woman on VSC chat (hahaha kidding!!!) But for real, good platform, lots of support, and lots of Aristo knowledge here on VSC, pretty much the sky is the limit.
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    So true with the bumper info. Only, i am pretty sure these are done...I will try to take some pics of the damage and post them up...Maybe I could get some more help lol...

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, im just so lazy, plus, school has been kicking my ass this term. But I really need to jack that sucker up and see whats shes moving on.

    And I am a girl, I promise...haha.
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    Fun stuff this weekend!
    So when I first got the car, the guy told me not to adjust the steering wheel for some reason, and I was ok? Why...he said he didnt really know thats what he was told...

    So yesterday, my husband pulled the car out of the garage to warm it up because I was still getting ready to leave the house lol, so while he was waiting he decided to start messing with the car. And he adjusted the steering wheel, he made it come out closer to him. And what do you know? The steering wheel wont turn the damn wheels anymore.

    Soo as we were already in a hurry I was pissed and so we had to leave the car in the driveway for the day. We get home and I told him to fix it cause he broke it, what do you know???!?!!?! Theres no bracket at the end of the column to hold it in place if you adjust the steering wheel to come towards you or to go back in. Sooo my question is...Does anyone know where I can buy this piece? I have no idea what it is called. I willl try to take pics of where the piece needs to go if that helps.
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    That piece "should" be somewhere in here? ->
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    Wellll after looking through that site for a good while, I decided to take another look at my car...And found a piece just chillin at the end of the column. After inspecting it and the column, they had similar pieces, so i brough them together, and snap crackle pop. Fits tight and snug. Haha.
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    Car might be, getting sold back to the original owner.
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    Glad it was a easy fix ...

    "Your sister is hot but your mom does that thing with her tongue"
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    why is it going back to the original owner?
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    Well its not now, but I had put the car on craigs, and the guy (your friend if im correct?) had seen it and texted my husband wanting to buy it back. But he offered a very low...amount. So I guess hes not getting it back.
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    if he from bremerton, its probably him. But I think he got a new lex now.
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    im the new owner of this car

    Well I just traded a 2000 Honda Civic Si for this GS300. THE only reason I traded for this car was because Im not a fan of Hondas much. I have owned quite a few toyotas while stationed in japan and they are wonderful cars and currently have a 89 240sx with a SR20DET swap done by yours truly. RWD!!! lol The last VIP I owned was a 1992 Toyota Mark II. 2JZ-GTE Auto. I really miss that car. As for this car.......Once I got it home I did the usual thing any responsible car owner would do. And that was to give the car a good, clear, visual inspection.
    The car is indeed quite rough. nothing like i saw in the pictures but I drove a long way to get this car so Im going to make it happen. The front bumper was only being held on by 3 of the four bolts. The rest of the bumper(side mounts) are gone. I managed to secure it with lock wire and a bracket my friend made out of aluminum. So now the bumper sits correctly on the car with the bracket and lock wire hidden.
    The fog light are not connected, oh wait, the bulbs are not even there. As for the steering column issue, Im a bit up set that was not disclosed to me upon trade. Im upset I had to search the color of the car and stumble upon this thread. Lucky???? Well, I will tell you one thing. This is a very good candidate for a proper VIP build. The interior is about a 7 1/2. but with proper cleaning and detail, I can get it back to a 9 or a 9.5. This will not be a fast build but a build that will take time and be done right. So once i find out the color of the horrible over spray paint job I will post it. Its a very cool color, just poorly done.
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    Can't wait to see the build on this thing, good luck dude.
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    Paint Color

    Ok, so the color is Cinnabar. Good now it can get resprayed right. Im going to start my own thread on it this weekend.
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    dang so the honda lady got a honda and the toyota guy got a lexus, win win!
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    Just dropping in because I almost forgot I posted up in this thread, as I said a long time ago, this car was going to get built. Well she now has a proper 2JZ-GTE Aristo swap and is in a lot better shape then how I got her from previous owners. Im over on ClubLexus and have a full build thread on it in the 2GS performance section. Title is
    "98 GS300 2JZ-GTE Aristo Swap. Check it out.
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