my first gen TL

Discussion in '101 Builds' started by davipstar, May 17, 2009.

  1. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    it may not be what some consider true vip style :shrug: but i like it.

    i think its vip influenced, because i love the VipStyle lifestyle and i'm trying to incorporate the look into my ride as much as possible.

    Here is the pix of my wheels and tires...

    check out my photo album on my profile if u want and leave yur comments and feedback.
  2. chucnguyen

    chucnguyen New Member

    might not be a VIP platform but could always be a luxury ride car. ;]
  3. Gao Jian

    Gao Jian VSC Super Moderator

    you should really slam the car if you are chasing more a vipstyle look. Either way, mod your car to your satisfaction. Welcome to vsc.
  4. mrkidd

    mrkidd Member

    put those rims on a truck and drop that thing
  5. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    Ha ha ha, on a truck!!!! I like da whole VIP scene n da insane wheels but for me I gotta have 20's, atleast! The car us n da process of being completely stripped n painted black. Once I purchase a new set of 20's, I'll buy the air ride suspension.
    Thanx for the comments.
  6. phrosttz0

    phrosttz0 New Member

  7. jdmerik05

    jdmerik05 New Member

    nice ride not my cup of tea on wheel size and color but do what you feel bro good luck with your project
  8. toyomatt84

    toyomatt84 New Member

    I hate to say it, but you came to the wrong site if that's your perception of the term "VIP". That's more of a "DONK" or "DUB" style setup.
  9. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

  10. alpha

    alpha New Member

    go get 19s and slam the fucker...or even 18s...
    ur far from being even vip influenced:)
    but if you like it thumbs up mate!and good luck
    ive got one of these sittn at my parents house, used to be my daily for 4 years, very reliable car!
  11. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    I think everyone is under the impression that i only put wheels on it and am trying to call myself VIP style...thats not the case.....

    here is the link to all the photos of the work i'm doing to the car.
  12. volkgt7

    volkgt7 New Member

    looks like u go some good plans! you probable should have posted that link up in the first place so we can all see where u are coming form. welcome and good luck. hopefully u find good inspiration here and look toward what YOU want to do
  13. OG

    OG Active Member

    i dunno man... i like the work you're putting in but i don't see anything that's much more than something that can be incorporated into a vip build (vents, leds, etc.). these are details but without the basics you're not even in the game. flagrant misuse of "vip" makes it even worse.

    no drop, corny wheels, and "I'ma do this one Vip Style. And truthfully to be honest i wish my car was a five lug cuz i'd be fitting some 22's on it." makes me think you haven't really grasped the fundamentals of a vip or vip styled build at all.

    so props on the work but no love for degrading the style.
  14. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    i understand that many people don't feel i could consider this VIP influenced. but after the car is put back together and my new wheels come in i plan to airride my ride. I also intend to put in the privacy curtains, chome and wood tables. I know a little bit more than people think i do. I just would rather get 20's for the price of a set of 18's. I like the 18's that most VIP guys are putting on their rides. Those huge lips are awesome and if I didn't mind ruinning my $300/ea tires I would get those wheels and run that type of camber. I assume i could get the urethane lip kit and maybe then people wouldn't think I was tryna build a donk.

    but I appreciate everyones comments and i really like the interiors on these VIP style cars so give me some time and you will see that I can VIP influence my ride more than most people would give me credit for.
  15. JOee

    JOee New Member

    what wheels are you planning on getting, size/offsets?

    you can have all the accessories, chrome, and curtains you want, but if your fitment is shit it'll ruin the whole "vip" theme

    that was funny to me for some reason.
  16. OG

    OG Active Member

    i dunno man... we can onlly go by what you say and you keep on saying some lame s**t. maybe you do know your stuff and if so my apologies. i think what's much more likely is you think you know but you have only been exposed to a very small peak of what vip is all about.

    it's not about wheel size, it's about appropriate wheels. it's not about worrying about cost, it's about bein on some higher level s**t. it's not about urethane lip kits, it's about overall flow. it sure as f**k aint about tables and curtains.

    worse thing you can do is come into something acting like you have it down. everybody has to learn but do us all a favor and check yourself until that times comes. when you call your stock height tl on ho hum 20's with a couple details "vip" ppl that don't know any better take it for what it is and next thing you know everyone thinks they know what they're talking about.

    stick around, learn, and look back at your intro in a few months and laugh.
  17. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    aiight i'ma stay, look, and learn. maybe i can learn/pick up a few things.:biggthumpup:
  18. augdogg

    augdogg VSC Super Moderator

    Great attitude homie!!! Welcome to the site and gl w/ your build. Remember: Its not so much about what people want your car to look like, but we can at least point you in a direction.:biggthumpup:
  19. volkgt7

    volkgt7 New Member

    yeah the term VIP is being grossly overused. take BlackOnBlacks input as constructive and enjoy your time here
  20. davipstar

    davipstar New Member

    ok, so does anyone have any advice on some wheels?

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