minervas are on my sentia!

Discussion in 'Wheels and Suspension' started by alpha, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. alpha

    alpha New Member

    so yeah here we go.mags are on the car..

    guna lower it in about 2-3 weeks so then ill update pics!

    thanks for viewing
  2. shoez

    shoez New Member

    Ideas for your suspension set up?
  3. alpha

    alpha New Member

    at the mo jus 2" drop with kingsprings,than maybe later on, adjustables:)
  4. V8_Aristo

    V8_Aristo New Member

    Hey! Looks like my old wheels :D



    Have some wheel spacers handy, I have a feeling those are going to sink in.
  5. KumaXL

    KumaXL New Member

    WOW sorry to thread jack... But damn your ride is hot!! 8)
  6. firelizard

    firelizard VSC Super Moderator

    Nice! They look good on the Sentia!
  7. 555

    555 New Member

    wait for ure adjustables..don't waste money on springs now..
    bad experience..i've wasted too much on sport springs..cut 'em etc etc..
    so my suggestion wait for the adjustables ;)
  8. alpha

    alpha New Member

    tru tru but its soo embaressing to drive arround with jacked car:)
    so yeh this is why i wanted kingsprings...lil drop and i wont have any issues or problems how to get onto my drive way as its really stepped
  9. alpha

    alpha New Member

    19" aye?
    i wish i could have them,but my shop didnt have any at the moment
  10. nezumimaru

    nezumimaru New Member

    looks nice...
  11. bBOXD

    bBOXD New Member

    Put your car on air and tuck those wheels. :)
  12. 9ine Deuce

    9ine Deuce New Member

    you can get king springs made with custom drop.
  13. alpha

    alpha New Member

    mnaah dont wana airbags,2 espensive at the mo.
    yes i can,but i dont know where:)thats the prob:)
  14. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    I called and emailed them directly. I never found a supplier.
  15. Sideways_In_SD

    Sideways_In_SD New Member


    I've never seen Minerva's in machined, they really look like crap.

    Honestly, I'd pull those wheels off until you get coilovers or bags. They look retarded at stock height, and they're just going to get nicked and chipped while you save for susp. What's the point?

    Definitely wait for coilvoers, springs are a waste of time/money, esp. if you're just trying to rock your wheels.

    IMHO, it's better to stay stock for a while longer then bust out *BANG* coilovers and wheels. Instead of wheels + monster truck height, then so-so dropped springs, then coilovers like a year later.

    That's what Pete did, and it turned out amazing.

    Besides, you're going to need money for spacers anyways, those won't be flush once you dump the car. And you might be able to find a place to chrome or polish those wheels while you're saving for coilovers, because they really don't look right machined.

    Good luck man.
  16. jbo

    jbo VSC Super Moderator

    Lil harsh there sideways. The car will definitely look nicer with the drop the wheels imo dont look bad though even machined. Good luck which ever way you go.
  17. alpha

    alpha New Member

    huh man ur mean:))
    um i can get adjustables in bout 3-4 weeks frm today,so i think i wont offend anyone with my ride height,
    btw i sold my old mags so cant jus take them off+ its my daily driver.
    i will get spacers whne i will lower my car,no point gettin them now.
    next thing i wont go THAT low that my wheels will flush in..nice max 3" drop wont get me massive camber...

    money arent a problem for me,ive got a job and i dont need to save up for months to make my car look nice,i just got other stuff to spend on...

    these mags are basicaly temporary,cuz i will go for some 19" in the future,mayb by the end of the year,gota talk to my suplier...
    so im not gna modify these mags in any way...and they look nice in silver finish,and i really HATE chrome mags...ive ogt nice psossitive feedback on my mags from my friends and some random people...if yoiu dont like them ok i dont really care
  18. VIPete

    VIPete New Member

    Hey man, just do your thing. I guess everyone has their own style. But the important part is how your car will turn out in the end. NOT while it's still in progress.

    I don't think Sideways was being mean, I think he was just trying to give you some advice. But that's my opinion.

    Well good luck with your ride. I guess, show it off when it's complete!
  19. alpha

    alpha New Member

    so um yeah i gt jumepd on saturday night,beaten up by 4 huge guys and they drove away in my car:(

    cops found my car next day,but thing is i didnt c it yet,but what they said that my sounds are missing(its ok i had in plan buy new ones)but then they told me that ive got flat tyre and damaged mag(wich im affraid of is bented or sumthing like that[how you gna explain flat tyre then, even if they tried to take my mags...])so um yeah hope so my car is ok(still drivable)if not i guess im gna sell it then and buy something else when im gna have enough money(wich i dont have:()

    but yeah car is found and i am mostly ok , just really shocked with couple of lumps on my head bruises and scratches...
  20. shoez

    shoez New Member

    Jesus man I'm glad you're okay! Bottom feeding bastard car-jackers. :knuppel2:

    So if you sell the Sentia, what car are you going to pick up?

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