MaxPowerIntegra's RL

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by maxpowerintegra, Apr 17, 2008.

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  2. carlos

    carlos New Member

    that video made me dizzy, lol.
  3. chrispy

    chrispy Active Member

    Mode Parfume!
  4. nizzan4u2nv

    nizzan4u2nv Member

    haha no joke. I watched half of it and still dont even know what the car looks like.:pat::biggthumpup:

    Anyway, looks good from what I saw. It will be dope with airrunner.
  5. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    dizzy and then seizures. Definitely take some quality pics when you get air!

    Wouldn't JDM RL be a Honda Legend :p
  6. emoq45

    emoq45 New Member

    Love the wheels. Any rolling shots?
  7. petener

    petener New Member

    too many wheel shots!!!
  8. NYC03Alti

    NYC03Alti Member

    That has to be the most disorienting vid I've ever seen lol.

    But from what I can see, the car looks pretty good so far. What part of Queens are you in? I'm in Laurelton.
  9. Outaurleague

    Outaurleague New Member

    Never drink and watch this, i almost threw up on my mac.
  10. widebody_Q

    widebody_Q VSC Super Moderator

  11. lol, u guys are funny. yea i was just messing around.. ill make a better video once the airrunner is on.
  12. Gao Jian

    Gao Jian VSC Super Moderator

    ^ I look forward to it.
  13. VIPFlame

    VIPFlame Member

    looks good always been a fan of the RL!
  14. jaynick808

    jaynick808 New Member

    i almost said the video isnt too bad, but like 2 minutes in the video gets nuts. epileptic shock n shit lol. i like the modeparfume! take a real walkaround video next time. :biggthumpup:
  15. Sandeezy

    Sandeezy Guest

    you've got a lot of wheel shots. It kinda made me dizzy, felt like i was watching Cloverfield all over again. Haha.

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