MaxPowerIntegra Random RL Shots

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles...' started by maxpowerintegra, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Some Shots

    Next year im getting serious.
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  2. Spyder78

    Spyder78 New Member

    Max the car looks sexy as always!! My favorite RL!!
  3. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    Looking really good... :biggthumpup: You're the man... you should be named MaxPoweRL
  4. Rod! you just gave me my new sig print. haha You know the history i had with my teg.
  5. mike043081

    mike043081 New Member

    Nice man love the puddle lights! Can't go wrong with a honda. Love the RL as well!! Nice build man more and better pics plz:biggthumpup:
  6. 0psi

    0psi New Member

    And this will consist of?
  7. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    i LOVE your car.
  8. I am customizing the front Mode Bumper and Revamping the rear a little (ass) Going with different fitment and a tad bit bodywork. Before i cant get serious i needs to sell some parts. I hope you understand why im not blathering details. Things arent in stone and dont want to claim something i havent done yet. But you know ill keep everyone posted.
  9. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    I heard that Max ordered some 12" wide wheels... WTF ???
  10. 0psi

    0psi New Member

    No worries, was just curious. I'm still trying to decide on if I want any aero or not yet. I just can't see dropping that kind of money when I can put it elsewhere right now.
  11. GS300ToM

    GS300ToM New Member

    thats one clean Acura
  12. AME_VIP

    AME_VIP New Member

    Soo sick :D It has come a long way.

    I look forward to seeing new wheels on it eventually!
  13. Avantgarde

    Avantgarde VSC Super Moderator

    Yo man, we miss you over here... :sad:
  14. 0psi

    0psi New Member

    Agreed, sell that F50 and pick up another KA9!
  15. civiceg94

    civiceg94 New Member

    am loving that trunk lip and rear window spoiler
  16. gracias!
  17. Blitz

    Blitz Active Member

    the rear of that car actually looks pretty nice
  18. optionii

    optionii New Member

    dam, very clean! what kinda exhaust r u running?
  19. Go90go

    Go90go New Member

    Sweet! Love the rear window lip, too!

  20. Avantgarde

    Avantgarde VSC Super Moderator

    Yo Arthur, I haven't heard from you in years man...what's happenin!

    you should remember me as "The guy in the suit"

    I've been trying to get back out the the Bay for a while =)
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