Lower Than A Dark Cesar

Discussion in 'VIPStyleCars.com Features' started by widebody_Q, May 23, 2011.

  1. excluesiveonez

    excluesiveonez New Member

  2. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    Saw it in person... and I didn't want to walk back to my car... This GS is a MACHINE!!! Very well done Chris... Official... Pictures do this car NO JUSTICE!!! Everything Flows...


    the car looks great. lots of details that really make it stand out, but do agree, that maybe some of details get lost in the black.
  4. excluesiveonez

    excluesiveonez New Member

    It's fine with me... i wouldnt have it any other way.
  5. Kouki Monster

    Kouki Monster New Member

    all the detail can be seen in a picture that is a 1 to 1 scale of awesome lol
  6. VIP-UCF

    VIP-UCF Active Member

    its a clean ride but would look way better with the body lines on the fenders and quarters...gives it more of a stock look...
  7. Midway-VIP

    Midway-VIP New Member

    love the car . not feeling the shoes
  8. flexinsteelz

    flexinsteelz New Member

    Yea it looks like it was done in weeks also.... The rear fenders lack a radius ... And cutting the shit out of rear quaters for some real body work takes 10x longer than just using a hammer and dolly for the flare...

    But dont take it the wrong way, still give u guys props for just doin what u guys do...
  9. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    Just love it!!!
  10. excluesiveonez

    excluesiveonez New Member

    They've radiused fenders in the same amount of time... I've witnessed it...:pat:

    I chose not to radius the rear because tucking is how I do, with no rubbing, ever.
  11. berlinas2k2

    berlinas2k2 New Member

    repost the pics here, I can't see them
  12. flexinsteelz

    flexinsteelz New Member

    Yea i feel u on rolling low, tuckin and not rubbing...thats the easy part... Imagin rolling low with a high ass radius, now thats whats up...

    My rear fenders can tuck like urs also but i just think it doesnt look rite just having the rears tuck 3inches while the front fenders sit flush on rim?

    But thats just my opinion... The rest of ur car looks good..
  13. excluesiveonez

    excluesiveonez New Member

    Yes, I will put a "high ass radius" just so I can hard park at the lip. then I can raise the car up 2 inches for ride height so I can have an even bigger fender gap. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Insert :sarcastic:

    But really, I ride out at the top of the tire, front and rear, I'm good money. The way the fitment of the fenders/QP is, if I'm feeling flush any day of the week a tap the button and I got 1-2mm clearance from lip to fender.

    Share some pics, I'd love to see the ride.

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

    SHit, works for me!

    I would love and hope to be able to ride tuck rear w/ no rub and at least front at the lip

    I'd hate to have air and radius the fender so that my hard park height is flush and my ride height be "High"

    Only time I like to see the tire exposed is on those really wide wheels where they fit aggressive tire sizes w/ wide bodies

    So I understand and would be w/ excluesiveonez on this. Everybody has there stages though and right now I'm in my tucking stage lol :biggthumpup:
  15. flexinsteelz

    flexinsteelz New Member

    Thats true, everyone has there stages...And riding low tuck is tight... Im just feelin the rear wheels near the door handles...

    But like i said, cars still unique in its ways..
  16. NELSON09

    NELSON09 Active Member

    this gs does it for me. pure lust.
  17. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    Only seen one picture,

    Looks good
  18. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

  19. NELSON09

    NELSON09 Active Member

    sick, i was expecting it more of a choppy scroll like mustangs. that's smoothe!thanks for posting it up. this gs has been renting space in my mind, like every time i see a gs2 or a 5 series. on a side note, i was behind a 6 series the other day and i was just thinking how well the shaved inners and new tails on the gs flow with bimmer body styling. on pointe and very inspirational.
  20. excluesiveonez

    excluesiveonez New Member

    yeah... i dont do choppy.... they are supposed to be smooth

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