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    What up, VIP Style Cars?
    I picked up a '15 Mazda 6 Touring model January of the same year as my VIP Inspired platform. I chose the 3rd generation Mazda 6 because I felt that the body lines of the new, "Kodo Design" Mazdas have a sleek, elegant look that is fitting of a VIP luxury sedan.

    So far, the car has your basic VIP starter kit; wheels, tires, suspension, aero, and interior. I started off upgrading the car with some basic amenities. I upgraded the headlight bulbs from Xenon to HIDs and switched out the high beams to LEDs. I added an OEM fog light kit, pairing them with iJDM Toy LED DRL fog light bezels and replaced the fog light bulbs with LEDs. I also upgraded all the interior lighting to LEDs. I then went on to add OEM Navigation to the factory touch screen head unit.

    Attention was paid to the exterior by adding BC Racing Extreme Low coilovers with adjustable front camber plates, paired with Corksport rear camber arms out back for that hot boi stance which allows me to run a more aggessive wheel and tire package. Keeping the VIP theme as authentic as possible, I went with a set of three piece Leon Hardiritt Ritter wheels (19×10.5 front & 19x11.5 rear) with a set of Achilles ATR Sport 2 tires stretched over them (235/35/19 front & 255/35/19 rear).

    The body lines have been accented by MV Tuning with an 11 piece aero package, consisting of a 2 piece front lip, front splitter, headlight eyebrows, side skirts, 2 piece rear lip, roof spoiler, and trunk spoiler.

    No VIP car could be complete without some interior modifications, so I decided to add authentic Junction Produce Fusa and Tsuna knots, pairing that with a custom fit, double diamond stitch black on black front VIP table to go with the black stock trim.

    My future plans are adding VIP curtains, neck pads, custom dash mat, custom rear console, headrest monitors, chasing tail lights and some more custom interior and exterior touches, exhaust, intake, etc. You can follow my build on Instagram @LOP51DED. Thanks

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  2. Damn! Very nice!

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    Looks good! Very clean. Keep up the good work!

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    Looks cool. I dig the interior upgrades!
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    Thanks, bro. The interior still has a way to go before it's complete, but I'm happy with how it's turning out, so far.
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    Haven't updated the progress on the car in a while. New mods are Tanabe exhaust, Form Factory Tuning duck bill spoiler, custom dash mat, custom rear console, Junction Produce curtains, high rise floor mats and Luxury Abstract pillars. Screenshot_20180910-172053.jpg Screenshot_20180910-172132.jpg Screenshot_20180915-214207.jpg IMG_20180902_101822_522.jpg Screenshot_20180915-214434.jpg
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    Looks pretty cool, did you get the dash mat made in USA?
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    Thanks. Yeah, the dash mat was made in the USA.
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    Update. I added a couple of mild power mods; Tanabe axle-back exhaust and Corksport intake and intake box. I replaced my BC coilovers for Airlift suspension with 3P management and made a custom trunk set up with wine bar and cigar side bars, added front camber bolts from SPC, custom front lower control arms, modified my rear camber arms and added Megan Racing toe arms for more camber all around. I also switched out my Leon Hardiritt wheels for Infiniteworks iS wheels with more aggressive specs.

    Screenshot_20190811-234639_Instagram.jpg 20180430_183443.jpg
    IMG_20190807_182620_029.jpg IMG_20190806_194152_158.jpg IMG_20190428_121713_197.jpg Screenshot_20190801-170750_Gallery.jpg

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