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Discussion in 'Interior' started by SWGrinda, Oct 16, 2013.

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    Soooo... Looking into redoing my headliner, but a little about my car first. I have a 98 PDW Lexus GS with black interior. I wanna do something different than the usual black suede that most go with. My idea is to do a red headliner (I know Ty has it done already, but whatever I like the idea), BUT the color scheme of the car is white/black. My Scaras have black faces and my new retro will have the inner housings painted black too, plus we all know the JP grill has the black slats on them, so you guys get the idea.

    Just looking for some OG opinion on what you guys think. BBK color (in the far future, prolly late 2014) will be red. For now the interior will stay black, with red wood in the car and probably a new set of Futura floor mats to help compliment.

    What's y'alls opinion? Positive and negative criticism is welcome. I don't get butt hurt.

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