Lexus LS400:Fancy Like Ketchup

Discussion in 'VIP Platform Cars' started by jeebus, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. jeebus

    jeebus Active Member

    Finally got the pics from a quick shoot a friend of mine did after the new wheels. not too many pics but enjoy anyways:


    and I have to give some props to the homie Mike at Original Garage (OG) for cleaning up my trunk and fixing some misc wiring from my air set up. I can definitely vouch for mike and his meticulous ways when working on something and we should see more when some of his other work begins to surface:biggthumpup:

    PANCAKES! Most hated - DIVA...!

  3. chik-n-little

    chik-n-little Member

    Whoa!! Your air set up is uber klean bro....NIce werk..
  4. Rodneyc77

    Rodneyc77 New Member

    That's official right there... Love the Red and the clean trunk setup. :biggthumpup:
  5. shawnthemonster

    shawnthemonster King Moderator

    Damn, that is fancy like catsup. ;)
  6. kingpin

    kingpin New Member

    Wait you are mexican should that be Titled fancy like Taco sauce ? lol

    Nice work Mike looks great :biggthumpup:
  7. CubanGS

    CubanGS New Member

    This build is perfect in so many ways!
  8. yukio

    yukio New Member

    the picture seems over saturated. nonetheless, what a great looking car, im jealous.
  9. bWiLKINS

    bWiLKINS New Member

    New wheels made the car looking amazing, very good job! Only thing I would have done differently is wrap the trunk in suede instead.
  10. Vincent

    Vincent Member

    these pics arent really doing your car much justice. But I really like the new setup, and that trunk is stupid clean
  11. OG

    OG Active Member

    thanks for the props jeebs. here's a couple more pics of the stuff i did.


    power wire and uca clearance.


    controller remolded into the ashtray, really just cleaned up a little and flocked. didn't come out perfect but it was my first time dealing with flock.


    just for the record this is a "basic" install, not am actual trunk build. i kept it clean, simple, cost effective, and most importantly funtional. everything can be trouble shot from the box under the floor and the entire floor can be removed by making disconnections only there as well. the hinged compressor portions provide access to the oem compartments.

    thanks to those who appreciate it.
  12. volkgt7

    volkgt7 New Member

    I LOVE IT,!!!!
  13. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    Props. I need to get you this on the site ;)
  14. knguyen

    knguyen New Member

    clean and simple :biggthumpup: thats how my set up is like too, easy to get to.
  15. Juzzo

    Juzzo VSC Super Moderator

    Ooh nice and shiny and sooo red =p

    Simplicity is always beautiful!
  16. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    these pics do this car no justice whats so ever.
  17. OG

    OG Active Member

  18. NewLife

    NewLife New Member

    Love it! :biggthumpup:
  19. 20sburning

    20sburning New Member

    So fresh! So Clean
  20. ViPCeo

    ViPCeo New Member

    Looking good as always bro, clean install also :biggthumpup: OG seems to be the "go to man" (no homo) up there in houston, seen him done some clean work :biggthumpup:

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