Leather seat restoration ??

Discussion in 'Interior' started by hypertek, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Yo!! So I been looking at Y33s on craigslist, and factoring in what type of budget I have, that if I go with one, it could either be a more costly clean one (I see this as being worth it, if I can come up with the cash) or, or taking on a project of a real cheap one . With that aside, I notice the cheaper ones have some good wear and tear on the seats and center console arm wrest.. Of course though i would try to avoid ripped and torn seats.

    But my topic is universal, has anyone tried restoring leather seats themselves? I see vids on youtube of people cleaning and spraying their seats with color dye but no real indication of how well that stuff lasts.

    My old 190e, I had replaced the worn door panels

    with panels i picked up at the junk yard

    I sprayed them black and they looked awesome

    I sold that car a few months later after that, so I don't know how that stuff lasted.
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    Leather dye is garbage, honestly. Leatherique, off brand, whatever. Stuffs crap. Reupholstering is the way to go.

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  3. OG

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    the better the car you start with the better the car you end up with. i say buy the best specimen you can afford regardless of future plans.
  4. brainneeded

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    wrd. maintenance is a crapshoot sometimes when you're 150k+ miles in and not sure the condition the previous owner really left it in.
  5. visitor

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    Thats the truth. Learned the hard way

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