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Discussion in 'Interior' started by Kuroikaze, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Kuroikaze

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  2. F.L.S.

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    You realize they're made for RHD cars and you passenger will have the rubber heel mat right? There are so many nice floor mats over there I always want to bring back, but there's no point unless I had a RHD car.
  3. AutofashionFred

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    You know whats funny you can actually find floormats that look like that at a gas station. HAHAHAHA we have one down the street from the shop that sells them which i thought was very funny...
  4. Kuroikaze

    Kuroikaze New Member

    You can also send them dimensions of your current mat and they can cut them to your dimensions. Reason I ask is because ASM have mats available for the s2000. Wondering if there is much difference in pricing?
  5. Kuroikaze

    Kuroikaze New Member

    Is it similar in quality?
  6. reyes2

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    False, if you take a look at the install pics you'll see that LHD cars have them as well.

    And I can get them from Karo I have a friend in Japan who can just pick a set up for me, and I'll probably be buying it soon.

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