K-break kit & wheels Group buy

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  1. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    K-break kit & wheels

    till end of DEC 31 2011

    guys in hawaii maybe able to do Sponsorship and maybe some in west cost.

    ok the only thing in the 48 states need to pick the kit up at LAX.
    or you can use your own shipping company

    platinum ls460

    platinum 16 aristo (tb/na)

    platinum 16 aristo (na)

    platinum Y50 fuga gt250/350 (type S)

    platinum 30 celsior after M.C. (type V)

    platinum 30 celsior before M.C. (type V)

    platinum 30 celsior after M.C. (type S)

    platinum Y50 fuga gt250/350 (type v)

    HYBREED fivesta
    18" step lip or reverse lip
    19" step lip or reverse lip
    20" step lip only right now

    wheels can be shipped to your door

    silver polish
    black polish
    flat bronze

    many sizes and offsets

    paypal email: sessions_usa1@yahoo.com
    808-228-4824 text or call
    email: sessions_usa1@yahoo.com
    aim: sessionsls460
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  2. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    platinum 16 aristo (na) taken for Sponsorship
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  3. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    complete kit is ok too
  4. kirakirafc3s

    kirakirafc3s New Member

    how much is full aero kit (platinum) for LS430?
    and what kind of wheel is that on pic?
  5. romeo291

    romeo291 New Member

    Please pm me price on 19" step lip silver polish
  6. actolex

    actolex New Member

    Who's the K-Break distributor in the US ???? Are there 2 ????
  7. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    ok can you pick the kit up at LAX airport? ls430 has HYBREED fivesta
  8. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    most all vendors are. so there is no K-break u.s.a. the last time i talked to k-break. but i could be wrong.
  9. sessions-usa1

    sessions-usa1 VSC Vendor

    what size? don't need the offset
  10. mr_ricky_nguyen

    mr_ricky_nguyen New Member

    Hybreed Fivesta

    Still able to get wheels? If so how much for Fivesta 20x9.5 and 20x10.5 (Hopefully offsets in the teens)? Steplip. Thanks.

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