Just Hit A Curb In My 03 y34 --- What Did I Screw Up Now ?

Discussion in 'Infiniti/Nissan' started by Slo N Lo Benzo, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Slo N Lo Benzo

    Slo N Lo Benzo New Member

    Well, I was making a right turn yesterday and got too close to the curb and slammed into it with the rear right wheel. I was hoping the G35 rim wasn't bent so I pulled over to check and it was scraped for about 4", but did notice the wheel was toed in some.

    When I started up and took off again the 'slip' and 'vdc off 'lights were on. Got home and jack up the right rear to see if wheel spins true and it did so at least rim isn't bent but noticed an arm was bent. Looks like the camber arm (the metal tube one on bottom not the front alum. one). So far that's all I can see.

    What concerns me more are the dash lights. I'll replace parts that are bent but I may have knocked something loose that controls the vdc system.

    Anyone have the same experience here and what else should I check out, thx. Later
  2. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    The lights should reset. When I clean my wheels sometimes I put it on jack stands and put in drive. All the lights come on ( freaked me out at first) but they go off once you drive again.
  3. Slo N Lo Benzo

    Slo N Lo Benzo New Member

    FLS thanks, you're absolutely right the lights did reset and go off.
    I did take off the arm and straightened it to the angle of the left side. I mainly wanted to make sure it would correct the toe-in of the wheel and it did. I was surprised that the bent camber arm affected the toe more than the camber.
    I am going to replace the arms and probably with the adjustable Z arms. Could get a set of stock arms for about $30, but think I'll get Ichiba, Megan style ones.
    Got a question on the adj. ones, I see some with the slight bend and some that are straight ,so is there any functional difference between the two styles.
    I see price range bet. $60. -$160. and most are T-7075 alum so why the big price diff.? Thx. Later.
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  4. openthrottle

    openthrottle New Member

    My adjustable camber arms have a slight bend to them. From what I remember, all camber arms should have the slight bend to it even the stock one. Haven't seen straight camber arms but I am sure they are out there. Usually the spring bucket delete arm and radius arm are straight. Price differences are probably due to company/logo BS.

    I have Wicked Tuning Camber and Radius Arms (decent entry level arms). Also have Megan Spring bucket delete arm. Probably will switch out to something beefier like SPL later down the road.

    One thing I did experience, and I do not know if anybody else has within the Y34 community, the arm ends I had to trim down on the sides for the Wicked Tuning Camber and Megan Spring bucket delete arm. They fit great on the hub/knuckle but on the frame side of things they didn't fit properly. Nothing a metal grinder can take care of.

    Good luck.
  5. lowlyfey34

    lowlyfey34 New Member

    my ichiba camber arms have a slight bend....shouldnt matter.
  6. Slo N Lo Benzo

    Slo N Lo Benzo New Member

    Anyone got some camber arms for sale? Later.

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