June Meet NorCal comes to the Central Valley

Discussion in 'Event Coverage' started by Oyabun, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Brandicus

    Brandicus VSC Super Duper Mod

    Only cause yall were so afraid of a little bee!! Its okay he made great bee burgers. :biggthumpup:

    god knows what kind of jokes you guys will make when I actually commit to the hotdog eating contest! no homo!!

    great seeing you all again! props to bobby for lugging out the 24 pack of corona, that was alot of fun =)
  2. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    It was a good meet .. was thinking was gonna be super small because of time of arrivals but it was tight ..

    Hmmm gotta add new exhaust on my list !
  3. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    I swear i just seen this !! :innoutrofl2:

  4. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Don't hate on David's car, It's got potential. If it doesn't blow up!!!!

    All in all, good meet. Would be nice if we could do a once a month type thing like this....
  5. {-.-}

    {-.-} New Member

    Nor Cal............... :biggthumpup::biggthumpup::biggthumpup:
  6. drftard

    drftard New Member

    im never trust'n ronnie ever again... made me go 2 a meet 2 get HUMILIATED! GAHHH!!! psh... PSYCHO korean LADY u joined cuz of RONNIE psh(damn foggiez)! im jus SAY'n he repp'n ur car i like it as ur car! hez just usin it as an excuse 2 not drive HIS OWN damn ho! leav'n it @ google ON PURPOSE i say! INTENTIONAL GUYS, I was going 2 keep my mouth shut but HEY! HE COULDA BROUGHT HIS CAR but he DIDN'T psh... @ssho! put sum of that special sauce on that spatcuLA... i went readin ur old posts u damn ly'n BACKSTABBER!

    *steve: it runs on FAITH i say! hopes & dreams... just KNOCK ON WOOD! haha...

    *james: the korean acts very nice but if u get 2 close she'll SHOOT U W/ BOBOA its a known fact...!!! & the PW WORKS!!!! just blew sum fuses & wanted 2 put sum front speakers in >_< u caught the Q @ a bad TIME!
    *brandon: WHAT HAPPENED 2 PHOTOSHOP! :saiyancrunks: left me out 2 dry... >=*[

    i must redeem myself... hope these pics do @ least a bit of justice 2 my G50 u eVil ppl!
  7. labeaumonde

    labeaumonde New Member

    you kno your gonna die now right?:slap:
  8. ShaneC

    ShaneC New Member

    MORE CARS CAME?!?! aHHH .. i totally missed out!!
  9. urmyhero4now

    urmyhero4now New Member

    yea you missed the clean ass gs...

    i missed the xb though.

    we left too early shane. they must have stayed late cuz i think we left at like 730-800

    oh and david..if you didnt notice..james is korean too...so that ohh koreans are evil bs isnt goin to work with him...ahahaha. i told you...fix your driveshaft..z32 springs...stock bumpers...stretch some tires with spacers bam damn DONE.
  10. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Yeah, the Q, Michael's (GSing430) GS and Grant's xB. SHOULDA STAYED wizard! You could have been part of the cool cars with air/rims.
  11. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Oh, and yeah, we stayed out til like 11ish.
  12. Blkdragn

    Blkdragn New Member

    Props to me, naw I wont take all that credit for that beer. James donated most of the cash for the Corona's when I ran to the store to get more stuff for all of us. Tho I did bring a case of Heineken before that. Wish I could have stayed longer to meet more of you guys...
  13. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Yeah good to meet you Bobby, hope to see more you at the next meets. Good seeing you come out even though you don't have a car for the forum yet lol. By the way, James' brother is selling Q45 if you are in the market right now. Check out the classifieds if you haven't already seen it.
  14. Blkdragn

    Blkdragn New Member

    Thanks for the heads up Steve, honestly tho I wont be in the market till the end of the year for my new platform. I was originally gonna VIP out my RX7 vert which is what brought me here, but with the need to get my Toyota done I'm trading the 7 to a buddy of mine for another Toyota so I can finish mine.
  15. scthree

    scthree New Member

    Wow I wish I couldve stayed longer! Nice seeing you folks and meeting some new faces! It looks like I missed a few cars. Next time my car will be there instead of my moms LS.................... Yes, my moms LS. Dont hate! haha.:biggthumpup:
  16. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Nobody was hatin' Ian, that's SICK that your mom doesn't trip. She probably likes driving around in it huh lol.
  17. scthree

    scthree New Member

    Lol I know no one was hatin. Just thought that saying was funny. She likes the car alot except the gas that it drinks lol. Now if I could convince her to paint the kit that has been sitting in the garage for over 2 years I'd bring it by again.
  18. labeaumonde

    labeaumonde New Member

    you're such a girl.

    and btw.. you humiliate yourself you wierdo.

    and u still owe me that spatula.

    oh, and your cars still crappy. :shrug:
  19. Caoboy

    Caoboy New Member

    Sell your SC, and get her a civic. It'll save her some gas then! Then take over the LS, and let all hell break loose....Seriously, how did you get to fix up your moms cars? That's everybody's dream mom here lol :smiley-rofl:
  20. Oyabun

    Oyabun New Member

    June meet! NorCal comes to the Central Valley!

    Damb!!! got moms car?!?!? That's tight!!! Tried to get my Dad to get a Lex!!! But got a NEW Pontiac G8!!!! It's all good!!!!:biggthumpup:

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