Junction Produce Baby Seat pt 2

Discussion in 'Interior' started by VIPStyleCars, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    So this is my 2nd baby seat. I've had this waiting now for over 3 years for my son to use. I seriously forgot I had it. Now that he is near 15 mos and I am getting the car back on the road. Here it is, been sitting in the closet forever now... Can't wait to use it. The car may not be ready, but my son is ready to sit in it!

  2. //935GS400

    //935GS400 VSC Super Moderator

    lol! i like! when he over grows it sell it to me.
  3. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    Straight HEAT
  4. DriftGirl

    DriftGirl Banned

    I need one for my JP Herro kitty :biggthumpup:
  5. mdenoga

    mdenoga Active Member

    Your son is freakin' ballin. What doesn't he have? =) He should also have his own Apple macbook.
  6. AutofashionFred

    AutofashionFred VSC Super Moderator

    Dang you got the baby seat and the toddler seat. They dont even make this one anymore.
  7. DD9512F

    DD9512F New Member

    wow i didnt know they sold car seats...so you have two different ones?
  8. importart

    importart Member

    some day i want to have one of those and a kid too but not now.
  9. airmax

    airmax VSC Super Moderator

    sell it to me...ive pm'd you here and on CL, no ones been able to get me one...hook me up...i got these cheeserburgers man! :giggity:
  10. Az1

    Az1 New Member

    That is pure Hottness. that is one lucky kid...:biggthumpup:
  11. F.L.S.

    F.L.S. New Member

    At only 15 months, he still needs to be in a proper infant seat with 5 point harness. That's for when he's more in the 4-5 year range IMO (and according to the Law). My kid is almost 2 now and he's not going in a seat like that till he's the right age. Safety first when it comes to our little ones!!!!
  12. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

    The super thin ones too ! :biggthumpup:
  13. sukoshiyoshi

    sukoshiyoshi New Member

    Do these meet up to DOT Standards? I know someone who has a JP "Baby Seat" and recall him saying that it does not meet the DOT Standards. Was really surprised when he told me this. Basically "all show, no go"? I think that the "Booster Seat" that you post looks Legit....being that it has "RECARO" also stamped on it. Maybe it is just JPs' Baby Seat?

    Side note my Daughter was actually in a 4 point until 7 years old (not JP). But then again she is super petite for her age. Now she is in a Booster and is not as emabrassed when I drop her off at School. LOL You can never be too safe when it comes to your little Angels.

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  14. GLuXuRy

    GLuXuRy New Member

    so that seat i legal (DOT approved or whatever you wana call it) ?
  15. VipDout

    VipDout Active Member

  16. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    from what I know, this seat is basically the Recaro Start which is DOT legal. Just rebranded for JP.

    the first JP Recaro seat was not DOT legal. These seats are just booster seats basically. My son is still sitting in a convertible booster at the moment but he has hit the minimum weight and height to use this seat. By law, i was told that it was weight and height, not age. This was asking a CHP friend. I'm sure if I ask another CHP officer, ill get a different answer! hahaha I got a monster of a kid.. at 15 mos, hes at 33inches tall and 30lbs. However, he hated the seat belt, he seems to prefer the harness instead lol

    besides, his normal carseats are in both of my daily drivers. This seat is just for the GS... too bad it aint driveable at the moment. lol he will probably be 3 by the time I find time to finish the car
  17. Skaper

    Skaper New Member

    :smiley-rofl: Niiiice! I haven't heard that line in a minute!
  18. DaygoVIP619

    DaygoVIP619 New Member

  19. VIPStyleCars

    VIPStyleCars Guest

    ahh man, I didnt know u had a son! When I met you at the AF meet last summer I didn't see a mini DaygoVIP619 running around!
  20. DaygoVIP619

    DaygoVIP619 New Member

    yea man he was probablly a lil guy at the time at home but he just turned 1 a couple weeks ago. time goes by fast.. now he's walking everywhere and talking! when it comes to safety for your lil one money aint the issue :biggthumpup:

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